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My First 50,000 SI Player

by Pramod Sripada (Vizag Winners) 71 months ago

Aadi Dasar

He is a 22 yrs 44 days old, Right-hand batsman, who bowls Off break.
His experience level is Brilliant and currently in Decent form & Unreliable fitness.
His Skill Index is 52,190 and is paid a Salary of Rs 271,100 every week. He hails from Karnataka.

Batting vs seam bowlers
Batting vs spin bowlers
Bowling main
Bowling variation


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RAGHU (STARS XI) Chennai # 58
Congrats bro
71 months ago
Thanks guys
71 months ago
Congrats,But hw did u..? :0

71 months ago
u have a superman in ur team.................really i think u had givin ur hard efforts to make him best
71 months ago
71 months ago
Harish Kamisetty Thanjavur # 67
Congrats to my Mentor !!!!
hope u give suggestions to my team like yours !!!!
71 months ago
Nice going!!! 
Now pay his salary :P
71 months ago
Congo bro
71 months ago
Great achievement
71 months ago
My best player has half his SI.. He's a monster, bud. Congrats :)
71 months ago
keep it up
71 months ago
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