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Hitwicket Visions Part: I

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 102 months ago
Some of you may have been waiting for the season end changes post, but unfortunately we got tied up with a lot of work the last two months and din't have the time to work on new things. But we were able to address several of the Server and mobile compatibility issues that should've improved your site experience.

Anyway, with the game at a fairly matured stage right now, we are aware that major core game changes tend to upset the planning of managers. But not improving the game obviously leads to stagnation. So, we've decided to release our direction of the game development, 'The Hitwicket Visions'. While they may not give you full details of the feature (sometimes even we are yet to decide on the details), they will give you a rough idea to keep in mind while planning long term.

Vision #1: Keepers & Fielding:
Right now, they are still a bit underpowered. Their profitability is mainly due to the fact that so few teams train them. 

a) Probabilities of byes will go up and the higher your division, the better the keeper you will need to stop them.
b) With the introduction of wides, a bad keeper may even allow the ball to goto the boundary. 
c) Run outs and overthrows will be introduced that will make a team's fielding particularly important.

Vision #2: All-rounders:
All-rounders add plenty of depth to match tactics, as well as training plans, this makes them particularly important towards improving the gameplay. However, we are aware that its almost impossible to train an all-rounder to match the skill levels of pure batsmen or pure bowlers. This is why it's hard to find genuine all rounders even in real cricket. The only way to address this is to give them a few ME perks.

Currently, Bowling all-rounders are decent while contributing a few extra runs, but they are highly inconsistant and don't contribute much more than the regular tail. 
Batting all-rounders were found to be particularly useless, as they get clobbered easily. It makes very little sense to have a part timer bowl a few overs when his skills are much lower than the main bowlers. 

a) It'l get much harder for genuine tailenders to get even 'lucky' boundaries and slightly more easy for those with decent batting skills. Bowlers with atleast 'green' level batting won't be super easy to bowl out when they choose to play out the overs, thereby scoring a few valuable runs consistently.

b) Help teams that use more bowlers per match. So a Remarkable bowler can economically bowl an over or two, even though he is much lesser skilled than the rest of the bowling attack.

c) Salary: All-rounders will need less salary when compared to their contribution to the team.
These are the change that you can expect over the next 2-4 seasons. We will update the list as we find more imbalances.
Plan accordingly!

ps: just to be sure, I repeat: these changes are NOT implemented yet.

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Updated at: 28-12-2013

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.Sir. Ordinary Kochi # 204
ya to you !!!!!!!!!!
102 months ago
anirudh922 Hyderabad # 205
no but y did u ask me??

102 months ago
.Sir. Ordinary Kochi # 206
two u20 cup match and two league match in every and challange match also!!!!!!!! why 3 league match in a week?
102 months ago
anirudh922 Hyderabad # 207
not only me but many are not regd in U20 cup

102 months ago
MSD Kasargode # 208
challenge match have no MRP .then why we calculate into league match... and u20 is not good for all all guys who are 11 u20 players can only participate.others cant participate ...shuhail  so we admit we want 3 league match per weak

102 months ago
.Sir. Ordinary Kochi # 209
more chance for play but u didnt use what i say????
102 months ago
MSD Kasargode # 210
if u have a musketer u can play bilateral series .. so u happy with that shuhail bro...

102 months ago
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