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Unfair ticket prices for divisions

by Aabhas Mathur 99 months ago
I think that the ticket price/ seat for stadium should depend upon the division in which the team is placed. I think it is unfair that a team belonging to fourth division getting the same ticket price as that of a team in division one. As the ranking of team in division one would be much greater and therefore should have an advantage.
For example ManU playing a game against any team would have higher ticket prices/seat than a lower ranking team.

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Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 1
couple of things - ranking is totally a relative term. You get an easy group get promoted to higher league. You get into a tough league and you will be relegated or remain in same league. So Dev's did a good thing by not differentiating on the ranking basis. India Australia South Africa and Pakistan in same league  and only Aus and SA getting promoted to next quarter doesn't mean that India and Pakistan are bad team. Similarly Kenya, Canada, Uganda and Ravanda in same league and Uganda and Ravanda going for quarter doesn't make them better team either.  As we talk mostly on win and loss so finding a definitive system for ranking can't be decided and so is the ticket pricing.

Dev's from their end gave enough opportunities in term of fan cap,  stadium capacity and sponsor amount. So it doesn't seem right to complain on that side as far as I can think of.

Dev's can add further if they have any further say.
99 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
A team in a higher div already sells more tickets (due to a larger fan club) and gets more sponsor money. Any more benefit then the gap between the divisions will become too wide...and any team that promotes will find it tough to compete with teams that have been a high div for a few seasons.
99 months ago

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