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Transfer from Team Directly

by Romil Shukla 108 months ago
Just a suggestion why can't we have a feature wherein we can bid for any existing player...and depending on the bid the team owner can accept or reject or ask for more......and also have a max cap on that
that will make it intersting


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108 months ago
this post was already posted earlier. . .if that was added then illegal transfers will increase between friendly teams and multiple users
108 months ago
Nope .. It would make fraudulent transactions more easier .. Just like DLF giving Robert land at cheaper price ! 

The only right way is put the player in the free market and buy him from there ... If you want t particular player from a team, may be you can request the manager to put him for sale for a price but it should go through auction only ! 
108 months ago
Romil Shukla Mumbai # 4
but then we can always have a max and minimum cap of around plus minus 30 %
and you anyways have access to bogus teams.......
and also we can have the facility of FREE MARKET, wherein we are not being deducted any funds for selling a player....Herein I am not publicising any particular simulation game or anything but there is huge group of football gaming wherein you can just sell the player depending on his value and it goes to free market wherein the player remains in the free market till someone buys him.ATLEAST IF I WANT TO SELL SOME PLAYER AND GET MY ROSTER SHORTER THE PLAYER WILL NOT COME BACK TO MY TEAM AFTER BEING PUT ON SALE, if we have that free market facility
108 months ago
I hope you do understand that direct transfers are bad and would only facilitate people with friends a lot more .. In a world filled with good intentions, this might work but reality is far from it !

The way this game works is simple : You analyse the market trend and estimate the value of the player ! (the suggested price is a good indicator but its not always true). If you think the player is extremely good and fetch you money, put him up for sale and you would get the bids. 

If none bid, FIRE ! Means that the player was not worth the money you thought .. basically means you need to do your homework ! 
108 months ago
Romil Shukla Mumbai # 6
Atleast what we can do is that WE have an option to atleast show interest in any player which i wish to buy and then it depends on the team manager whether he wants to put it on the auction.....then all can bid for the player so IT WILL BE A FAIR AUCTION, in that case we will know that my player has a DEMAND in the market noww.
108 months ago
You can make a request in forum posts ! If you have the dough, offer a good amount for a player you want and i am sure people will put up the player for auctions.... still you have to compete with other bidders !
108 months ago
Romil Shukla Mumbai # 8
@aditya singh I have the same point what if we have the facility of directly punching in our request to get the desired player.....let it go to the auction process....
108 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 9
you can tag the owner in the League Talk, if you have a specific player in mind..
fair point abt submitting a request thou, we'l see what can be done there. cheers!
108 months ago
My concern is if the feature is an official request feature then it has to take into account a dummy/fake request for a player, which might result in player selling off for a lesser price than promised.
See right now its kinda unofficial as people decide transfers among themselves !
But if you bring in this feature then the developer is somewhat accountable for the same...
What you can do is maybe the request can be made only when the requestee locks the promised amount from his finances, so there is a surety of promised money. The player will obviously appear in the free auction market...
108 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 11
I was thinking on lines of maybe a notification can just go out to managers that own a player that fits the bill and he can decide weather to list the player for sale. He can set the asking price based on his comfort. Only applicable for high skilled/rare players ofc.
108 months ago
Yup makes sense in theory. Implementation can be tricky though...
Keep in mind paying an amount over the recommended price of a rare/skilled player, for such players maybe the FPC could make exceptions ?
Like under normal circumstances I would not want to sell my best 29 year old bowler but what if I am given an offer I can't refuse :D, the financial watchdog in such situations could be a buzzkill.
108 months ago

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