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Bot on top not good

by tusharjain (Devil Bull) 92 months ago
Hey i just want to raise a question that in my leagye IV.4. A bot team is on the top and when i join i got a team with 9 match and 9 point this is  not good if i want a promotion to next league as i did not played the last 9 match why do i have to suffer because of that....????

There must be some rule to cope up with this..????

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Yes even I wanted to raise a similar issue. Say at the end of season if a BOT team is on top and my team is on second position then I would like to advance rather than be in the same league because of a BOT team.
92 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 2
Well, bot teams are generally easier to beat. So they being on top is very unlikely, if you are active. 

@tusharjain, if anyone join mid season, we don't allot them the top team, because he might have an advantage over other players in terms of promotions.

Yes joining mid-season its harder to win the league, but you get more time to perfect your lineup to win the next season. Because even if you get promoted to the next division, its very likely you get relegated in the next, because there are much stronger teams ( with more money / better players ) in  the new division, which are harder to beat. This will have overall "bad" economic impact on your team ( losing effects ticket sales which is the largest source of your income other than player auctions ). Overall, I think its ideal to be in the lower division when building your team.

92 months ago

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