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A Week in Hitwicket - Oppa Meme Style!

by Lord Ronak Hellrokr (YouR SouL Iz MinE) 67 months ago Fun
Hey Guys I Would like to present you 

How a week of average hitwicketeer goes by in form of memes

Mind you it a never ending cycle but a lovely one!

Monday - Our Beloved Scout Day and also the Match Day

Happens every Monday doesnt it??

Kashyap i am correct .. aint i ?

Everybody at 8:00 PM

after loosing the game many of us react this way :P

Tuesday - Fans Update and Fitness Loss Reports

The usual saga

Fitness Loss eh??

Wednesday - Friendly Matches - Oh is it??

Just a Friendly?

Thursday - Trainee Buying Time

Guys like me

Looking to buy Trainee?

When we loose a player we chasing in auction 

Friday - Finances Updates

 -ve Balance? Not Again!

Saturday - Training Report and Form Updates

I am sure each one of us have done this

No pops yet again?

Great Training Report?

Sad Form Updates?

This Basically sums up an average week on Hitwicket for all of us and mind you all its a viscous cycle which will repeat all over again :P

But No matter what we will play and love this awesome game :D

One for the game


I hope everyone will enjoy it :)

Post is strictly for fun .. no offense is meant for any individual.

I am not that proficient with meme creations,it's my first attempt for the same.

Suggestion and constructive criticism is always welcome

Keep Rocking

~Your Soul Iz Mine
~Ronak Hellrokr 

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Thanks all for the love ;)
67 months ago
              Sunday: With out any tension were with the Hitwicket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                    Finally HITWICKET Is our Crazy WORLD

                     THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
67 months ago
When I'm the League Winner,Tournament Winner U20 Cup Winner 
67 months ago
Sherlock (SociopathS) Udupi # 147
Awesum man ... this post rockzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
most of it hpnd to me 1 week....
67 months ago
Bharani Srinivasan Chennai # 148
after a long time enjoyed reading a post.. Thanks Sir Lord Ronak Hellrokr (YoUr SouL iZ MinE)
67 months ago
10 of my players dropped their form this week and many of them are U20 players
maine socha ki U20-4 mein atleast knockouts thak pahuchna hein par mera players ka form or SI ko dekh kar mujko milega

67 months ago

THIS IS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




67 months ago
67 months ago
Thanks all for such awesome encouraging words!!
67 months ago
Awesome Dear
67 months ago
lol,good one man :)
67 months ago
67 months ago
great :P
67 months ago
Great Dude
67 months ago
67 months ago
Devha Rajan Chennai # 159
awesome :D

67 months ago
Gidi92 (King f kings) Chennai # 160
grt wrk bro :)
67 months ago
Rishee Kulkarni Ahmedabad # 161
Fking Awesome!
67 months ago
gut one !!
67 months ago
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