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Adding seats

by Sunny 96 months ago
1) I think the construction-time for seats...shud depend on the nmbr of seats ordered.
Jst wnt to know wy it's always a week :)

2)Please mention in the manual that the seats construction will take a few days.
otherwise a newcomer will try to add seats jst b4 the home game & will be disappointed :P


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happened to me,had 2 back to back home games but construction will be done after dos 2 matches :(

but on the brighter side,i added only 12 seats xD
96 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 2
i guess u got into 3rd division directly,that's even brighter :P
96 months ago
im in weaker leagues of 3rd so its fine,15 n 5 are kinda dangerous leagues
96 months ago

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