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Training day Saturday Next Match Sunday Roz Khao Andey

by DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) 96 months ago
The training day being Saturday gives me room of approximately a day to receive training and change it for the coming week's training strategy. As the upcoming game is the next day...

Somehow I feel if the training day is Thursday, It would give me good room to strategize my training for the coming week...

I am sure you guys thought about the activities in the week... Why choose Saturday as the training day ?

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Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 1
Saturday? where is the announcement for training matches?
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
@Aditya: fair point, will think about this for the next season.

@Poisson: he means the training 'update' itself
96 months ago
Cool... I thought this post got lost ! :)
96 months ago

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