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Is Lord Chitti Angry With Me? :(

by MurtazaAlvi (Dhonis Pirate MOJO) 84 months ago

Almost 11 AM And Still Form Not Updated!! Server Problem Eh?

Please Have A Look Dear Devas :-)


Or Is Lord Chitti Angry On Me As I Didn't Bid On His Player Due To Less Balance!! :( :(


Please Help Me :'( :'( :P


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Updated at: 08-12-2013

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Despicable Me Bangalore # 1
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (DhoniSuperKings) now the devs should create a Lord Chitti category for posts on Him -_-
84 months ago

Yes :p

84 months ago
no training updates yet.. didnt even get the form updates today
84 months ago
Same Here Man -_-
84 months ago

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84 months ago: MurtazaAlvi (Dhonis Pirate MOJO) closed the forum post.
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