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Hi neeraj, We are good, how is ur training..
102 months ago

Batting Training Tips - Training Track Record

by Ishan (Delhi Dynamos) 105 months ago TrainingNewbie
I joined this game back in Feb this year (ie Season 4)....  So it has been almost 4.5 Seasons... Though I am not experienced enough like the division 1 or 2 Managers but still have started to understand this game better now.... I know how tough is this game for the newbies... They need to spend a lot of time understanding various aspects of this game.... Academies were started with this very motive to support the newbies but i don't feel it has brought much success... So here i am sharing my experience as BATTING TRAINER.... Don't know how many of you will benefit from it but still giving it a try....

I am not going to discuss the basic aspect that is how training quota is allotted... For that you go through the game manual.... Lets start now...

First of all lets take an example of one of my batting trainees: Ankit Kapoor... Here is his training details...

Ankit Kapoor
(18 YRS 8 DAYS, 4268)
04-May Fitness 4268 0
Rel/Rel 11-May B. Seam 4370 102
18-May B. Seam 5223 853 Acc/Rel
25-May B. Seam 5354 131
01-Jun Fitness 5354 0
08-Jun B. Seam 5480 126
15-Jun Batting 7230 1750 Rem/Acc
22-Jun Batting 7389 159
29-Jun Batting 7550 161
06-Jul Batting 7698 148
13-Jul Batting 7840 142
20-Jul Fitness 7840 0
27-Jul Batting 8883 1043 Rem/Rem
03-Aug Batting 10139 1256 Bri/Rem
10-Aug Batting 10323 184
17-Aug Batting 10508 185
24-Aug Batting 10692 184
31-Aug Batting 10872 180
07-Sep Batting 12142 1270 Bri/Bri
14-Sep Batting 13539 1397 Exem/Bri
21-Sep Batting 13741 202
28-Sep Batting 13943 202
05-Oct Fitness 13943 0
12-Oct Batting 14142 199
19-Oct Batting 14337 195
26-Oct Batting 14531 194
02-Nov Batting 17457 2926 Prod/Exem
09-Nov Batting 17690 233
16-Nov Batting 17924 234
23-Nov Batting 18135 211
30-Nov Batting 18343 208
07-Dec Batting 18549 206
14-Dec Batting 18754 205
21-Dec Batting 20488 1734 Prod/Prod
28-Dec Batting 22581 2093 Fant/Prod

I know he is not the best trainee but still will help you a lot to understand about batting training....

As you can see i started to train him in May which was very early in my HW Career and didnt get the correct guidance so made few mistakes.... Let me point out to you:

1. Most important mistake is the Fitness Training given to him in the starting few weeks... That could have been avoided easily and thus saving a few extra training weeks. That time i didnt know that fitness does not affect a batsman that much than it does for a bowler specially a seam bowler. So as soon as he dropped to decent/good fitness i gave him a fitness training session. That was really insane on my part. I hope you wont be making such a blunder while training. After getting a hang of it, you can see from the above training record that i have avoided fitness training as much as i can.

2. I first started to train him in Batting seam. I got a balanced batsman and should have trained him in Batting straightaway...I know many would disagree on this but i feel its better to have a balanced batsman than a non-balanced one who is better at one department say against seam. If you have a balanced batsman you can make him play against any attack and at any position.

3. One more mistake is there which i will take up later in this post.

Few batting training tips: (Many would be knowing but just would like to refresh them)

1. As you can train 6 Batsmen, so try selecting 3 left handed and 3 right handed trainees... If you would have read the game manual, Left-Right Combo at the crease decreases the bowling ability of a bowler... Its just for 1 bowl but still if batsmen take singles every bowl then the bowler wont be able to bowl at the best of his ability.

2. Which type of training to choose - Batting / B.Seam / B. Spin?? 
     If you are training in B.Seam/ B. Spin, you will get faster pops in that particular department but slower pops in the other one... Also your batsmen will have unbalanced skills in their training phase and thus will be tough to play against different attacks... You will need to balance your training too ie few weeks of B.Seam and then few weeks of B.Spin.... 
             Even though it takes 1-2 weeks extra but still i prefer Batting Training.. you have a balanced batsman atleast.... You will always play an EXEM/EXEM batsman against any attack but you will have to think whether to play an ACC/EXEM batsman against a seam attack. 
             For another viewpoint on this ques, u can refer to comment #81 by Sir DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana).
             Final decision has to be taken by you and i dont want to force you about which type to choose.

3. Most important aspect about any training is Age. When you select your 6 Trainees, try going for almost equal aged trainees. eg All 6 should be around 17-18 at the start of their training. This would help you a lot when you will shift from batting to bowling training. This is the mistake that i have made and would need to rectify it soon. 

4. At the start of your training, buy 1-2 aged (27-28yrs) experienced batsmen say rem/rem or bril/bril... They will help you to balance winning and training together. These aged batsmen will give support to your trainee batsmen in scoring runs.

5. What should be the age of trainees?
    Try buying below 18 yrs batsman(atleast Rel/rel).. I know its tough for new teams to outbid established teams. So for this you can follow a cycle of training and selling.... Buy avg/avg batsmen of 17... you can get them easily for under 2M.... Train them for 2 seasons and then sell them off to make money and then start your proper training plan.

6. What about wicket-keepers?
   There are two things which can be done.... 
   First option- you can buy an aged exp keeper say bril/rem keeper with rem or bri batting skills... These are rare in market and would cost 4-5M or may be more than that... And after 2-3 seasons you will need to replace them too... I used to follow this method but it proved to be too costly in the long run.

    Second option- This is a more feasible option which i am following right now... Buy a young Accomplished Keeper (max which you get through scout) of below 18 years of atleast useless/mediocre batting skills... Keep a training slot for him and train him as a batsman.... After 3-4 seasons you will have a good WK batsman who can easily play over 10-12 seasons.... you will save a lot of money using this.... 

7. Choosing your captain?
   Selection of your captain plays an important role in this game. Your captain gains 30% extra experience points than rest of the 10 players. Experience is an important aspect of this game. Higher is the experience level, higher is the star rating and thus a better performer. So its important that your trainees gain experience level too. You can do this by choosing your trainees as captain on a rotational basis. This will help your trainees to pop in experience at a faster rate.

8. Training All-Rounders?
I would like to add one more point here... This will be useful for some1 who has just started batting training. As the devs gave an insight of wats going to come after 2-3 seasons through their official post. There was a point regarding all-rounders. 

I know its difficult for some1 to train all rounders through batting training once they are already into their training plans of training similar aged 6 trainees. The current training quota does not really give you freedom to train all-rounders. But sum1 who is just switching to batting or starting to train batsmen can use the following method to train all rounders.

As in my 3rd point i have mentioned try going for similar aged trainees, but this will hamper the chances of you getting an all rounder. For this purpose u can have 4 trainees of similar age and 2 trainees of say 2 years elder to the rest 4. So when your 2 elder trainees reach 24(cut off age for training) then the rest 4 will be jst 22 and will have 2 seasons of training still left in them.

Now u will have 2 empty training slots and u can continue training till the time ur rest 4 trainees reach 24. Buy exem,prod types bowlers with atleast med batting.... give them 2 seasons of training and they will be close to blue levels in batting which is good enough for an all rounder.... 

I have just thought of this plan and have not yet put it to practice. Will do it from the next season. I know many would have thought of this but i have just put it in the forum which will be useful for some.

Time taken for pops (Batting Training):

Avg-Rel = 3-4 weeks

Rel-Acc-Rem-Bri = 5-6 weeks

Bril-Exem-Prod = 6-7 weeks

I hope this post would help lot of new batting trainers and they wont make mistakes like me.

Sorry for such a long post. Have not been very active in the forum these days but took some time out to write this one.

If you have any doubt you can ask in this thread or in my league talk. Would try answering them when i get time.


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Updated at: 05-03-2014

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Thanks Sir Nitish
So that means if i use 6 batsmen in 2 matches at 1 3 & 5 positions, all 6 will get 100% training..??
102 months ago
Div VI
Nitish Potti (Nitish Warriors) Hyderabad # 653
102 months ago
@sir nitish.. Thank you very much
102 months ago
Superb post
102 months ago
Super sir ishan
102 months ago
@Aman, Dont worry about likes and points much. Concentrate on your training
102 months ago
Becasue only training can make ur team stronger
102 months ago
Reaching upper manager levels will also help but training is the main issue secodnly asking for likes is not allowed, u might be fined
102 months ago
@sawaf, yes mate all 6 will be trained.. So always rotate
102 months ago
Yes aman Jain spam
102 months ago
@salah, Thanks sir..
102 months ago
Its so nice to have nice seniors here
102 months ago
You are welcome mate
102 months ago
Very helpful... Thank you So much
102 months ago
Hi neeraj, We are good, how is ur training..
102 months ago
Div VI
neerajld (11 eeXPLOS1VEss) Daman and diu # 671
102 months ago
What are u training now..??
102 months ago
Div VI
neerajld (11 eeXPLOS1VEss) Daman and diu # 673
woooo hooooooo my trainig is going on well
102 months ago
Nice post... Thanks for the info.
102 months ago
Yeah Gopal, its very informative...
101 months ago

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