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First win =)

by Alankruta (Pune Warriors) 94 months ago
Wonderlaaaaaa! =) So much fun!! I have never been more happy with cricket =) Seriously! Super awesome.

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Kaushik Dandu (FuNky GaMblerS) Hyderabad # 1
Oh the joys of a newbie :p

94 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 2

Congratulations....I thought my Sis didnt know anything about cricket....see you sometime in the future if you come down to my league or I go up to your league..... :-)

Amar...Santu....Chote.....Please join to give a round of applause to "The Don" :P
94 months ago
Rishav dude wtf!? She started playing 2 days back but signed up in July. So she's been accumulating money the whole time!! She's got 5 million bucks dude! I don't have a phooti kodi! Oh and I lost my first match cos my bowlers suck! I need bowlers! Aur idhar khane ke paise nahin hain! WTF man! :( :'(
94 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 4
Haha, You are fresh off the boat Ishan!!.. wait a while... its not as simple as battlefield... :D 
94 months ago
94 months ago
pufff .. Newbies !! :-P
94 months ago
 Queenbie =P..  Good morning Janta! =P

@Bhaiya!!! How did you get that player i was bidding for!!?!!! I did bid more than you!!... WTF I want him!!!!!!!!! BACK.

@Ishan =D ... ROFL What did i mention Queenbie! That was my strategy you dumbass! Now stop complaining and go train your freak show players! =D ..

94 months ago

Welcome Padma, Good show :D
Jaldi se jeet ke II Div me aa ja, waiting :D
Mujhe pata hai Satya to nahi aa paega ye season ;)
94 months ago
=D ... Bas aate hun!  

@Rishav ... Bhaiya ko kaise mila mera player main toh bas nap leene gaye the =/... =/... 
94 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 10
Kaunsa player ? You won the bidding and got it... 
94 months ago
Kaushik Dandu (FuNky GaMblerS) Hyderabad # 11
I see some very interesting sibling rivalries :p
94 months ago
@Bhaiya!!! .. ='( ='( .. Now i dont have money to buy that awesome guy =(... Sab cheating hai! =(
94 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 13

just dont go on and spend money..coz the player in the market is awesome.....uska salary dekha tune...its like 150+...usse accha  3 average youth players utha le aur unko khila....effect will be the same...instead of a single player hitting centuries... you ll have 3 guys scoring 30-40 runs each and eating up less salary... ;-)

shuru se koi manchester city ya real madrid nahin ban jata....arsenal ki taah soch..... :p
94 months ago
Haan par woh aajata toh main toh set the!!  ... Par koi nahin hum Queenbie hain =) Thanks for all your suggestions ! Dairy milk dungi aayega jab =) 5 buck walla =)

94 months ago

Next time We will demo this game to DAD! man am sure he will love it!
94 months ago
cherian Hyderabad # 16
exactly! arsenal ki tarah socj!
94 months ago

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