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U-20 Dilemma Solved! (With Summary On Top)

by VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2) 96 months ago Newbie
Hi Guys,
This is my Old Post- Made for U20-3, but when see some managers being confused- reposting.
Updated this for U20-4 and according to Market conditions and Game Conditions!

Short Summary for my Lazy Friends who Hate Long Posts (Yes, Yes- I know there are lot of you- Vamshi, Subhabrata, Saurabh, Etc etc):

  • Decide whether You can win or Not
  • If not- Dont make Loss In Purchases
  • Plan long term
  • Be Smart in Auction

  • This means all those Teams whose Trainees are nearly all eligible for U20-4 but are also already nearly finished Products- i.e. Trainees who are 19 years and so- giving 7+ stars
  • In Terms of Bowling stars= Top 4 giving 30 stars on Sporting is Good and in terms of Batting, Top 4 giving 30 against Seam And Spin is good
  • This teams, if they so desire- should try and Invest in 2-3 Genuine World Class Batsman (If Training in Bowling) or World Class Bowlers (If Training in Batting) who could also play for their Main team. i.e. 7 Stars Players at least
  • These will be the teams who wont need Finance in near term, but rather want to give their Trainees that extra experience and yes, they want to prove their friends a Point.
  • Play to Your Strength- If you are Batting Heavy Team- Buy 7 Good bowlers, Bowling Heavy Team- Buy 7 Good Balanced batsman or 9-10 batsman with 3-4 Specialist batsman. Believe me, during the Business end, you will realize their importance!

  • This means all those who know they are not gonna be world-beaters in U20 YET, still finding their feet in the League- Mostly teams with Set Trainees who arent yet World class and just starting the training
  • Majority of Teams will come here- even many of Top Division Teams will come here- Why? Because their Original Trainees are over 20 and the younger lot, still raw.
  • The aim of these teams should be Experience and reaching Knockouts, if possible.
  • The Teams here should NOT, and I repeat, should NOT invest millions behind a player they are not going to train, purely for U20-4.
  • The main AIM is to make slight Profit if possible and mainly gain experience- 7 matches means a lot in terms of experience.
  • So, the team which have no chance of reaching knock outs or winning most matches- should go for cheaper U20 players, so as to invest less.
  • Remember, U20-4 is not your Priority (IMO, at least).
  • Those who do not have loads of Cash- get 5-6 worst players eligible for U20 from market- there are many with the way people complain about scouts- and enrol for U20. At least your main players will get Experience, you will get 1.05M just to play (Assuming last time's model) and it will be fun. ;)

  • These are the most interesting set of teams.
  • It includes those teams which played Last u20 have 3-4 Players from it still eligible for this one- but the main trainees are not eligible. Or the Top Teams- again whose main Trainees are older- OR THE VERY NEW TEAMS- who will not be able to get 11 Young Players in the short time.
  • The best thing for you- Make Money. Make as much as you can.
  • Sell those U20 eligible players at right time- the ones which you are not training. People in 1-2 Pay Crazy amount for them, after all.
  • Use that money for Advancement in League.

  • See how many of your Trainees are eligible for U20-5
  • If more than 3 Trainees are eligible, than even if you have to pay 20-30% extra for a Player who is eligible for Next U20- do it. So- if a Rel/Rel batsman costs 1.5M who is 19 years old- a Batmsan who is 18.49 is better deal at 2M
  • Dont be in a Hurry to buy- Try to look at different players- many times, many players during day time go for cheap- Try your luck there!
  • SQUAD DEPTH is Crucial- So for a Bowling Team- I would rather suggest them to buy 2 Rel/Med and Med/Rel players for 1M each= 2M total rather thn 1 Rel/Rel player for 2M!

    Reason: Most Teams have one dimensional Bowling- Spin Heavy or Seam heavy- and those who have Balanced are normally Batting Teams with OK Bowling- so, Imagine this- You can have your specialist batsman against Spin team when you play them and Seam team when you play them. Another advantage- Such players are going for cheap.
    Though there is draw back of extra salary- so do think carefully!

Btw- One Important thing- Play all your trainees all the match- at least as many as possible.

Hope this helps at least some of those managers who are confused about U20!

Btw- For your Age Reference of U20-4- Consider this player as Bench mark!

You can thank Sir Maximus for this reference!!
You will always know the exact age for each day!


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Updated at: 22-11-2013

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Hitesh Nehra (Nehra Warriors), just decrease by 1 yr bro, the eligibility for this u20-4 players, i think its        18 yrs 50 days as of today for u20-5, it will be 17 yrs 50 days for u20-6  and so on....................
96 months ago
Batistaa Jaipur # 61
96 months ago
Sir Priyansh Modi

It's ok i've decided i don't hate you now, my little brain has been working overtime. I've worked out that with the 5 seam bowlers and w/k of the right age and with 3 scouts to come before the deadline i only need another 2 batsmen to have the required 11 players of course i won't have any spinners but as loads of people seem to be going for training spinners it may work in my favour. Anyway no harm in trying and like you said my seamers and w/k will get loads of experience. Onwards and Upwards ;)
96 months ago
Its a gr8 post specially for newbie.

Priyansh i like your this part of post very much.

"SQUAD DEPTH is Crucial- So for a Bowling Team- I would rather suggest them to buy 2 Rel/Med and Med/Rel players for 1M each= 2M total rather thn 1 Rel/Rel player for 2M!"

This is really a good strategy to have 2 batsman rather then 1.
96 months ago
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