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Questions about 'users with multiple teams', 'inactive teams', etc.

by harshgupta (MetalHeads) 95 months ago
I need to ask 3 doubts 

1) One thing i need to ask is how exactly the teams are shuffled after the season ends . Because some of my friends are in III.8 , III.2 and i'm in III.7 . So is there a possibility that after the season we can be placed in same league because that would make the competition more fierce 

2) Is there any check on multiple ID's because as far as i've seen multiple ID's are possible .  Yes i know  , with multiple ID's more headache will be there . But is there any check now , not to have multiple ID's or like this . Because many a times cases will be there where a team in in deep s**thole and is destined to go down division .Then at that moment he/she decides to leave current team and joins other league using different ID , won't it benefit him??

3)What about the human teams who are not even a bit interested even after making the team . I mean to say they created the team in the first place , but after that they are not doing anything . I mean not changing , training schedule or batting order or bowling players or players .But their team is still winning .So what about that? I'm not complaining just wanted to ask because suppose i leave my team now as it is and check after 2-3 months .Is it still OK . and we are putting so much time (as if it is asked ...:P).We should be benefitted

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