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A Pleasant Surprise..!!!!....Thank You All......

by Aditya Jagdev (Kalinga Gladiators) 68 months ago Fun
Kalinga Gladiators Vs Flying Tigers.Platinum Trophy.Whom to play and whom to not?What should be the game tactics?Can our players give a tough fight to the mighty Tigers? and bla bla bla.Its all that was going on in my mind when I was on my bed yesterday night.I was very exhausted after the day's work.After taking my dinner,I went to my bed.I dont know exactly when I felt asleep while thinking about my next match.I was in my flat then.

At about 11:50pm at night I was awaked by the knocking sound of my door.I left my bed and went to see who was knocking my door.There was no one.I went to the kitchen to drink water.Then I left for my bed.While crossing the drawing room suddenly the lights were turned on.I couldnt open my eyes due to the sudden exposure to light and I blinked for a while.Then I heard a group of people singing in unison "Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to Aditya Sir.............""

When I opened my eyes to my utter surprise I saw my team Captain Prafful Maheshwari,Hyder Ali,Kesav Vokshani,P.Kapoor,Aston,Mayon and etal.Our Asst.Manager Harshal Katakey,our physio group led by Dr.Balakrishnan S.Murthy, and our head coach Mr.Robert Wichray singing the Birthday Song.I wondered how they entered my flat.Then when I saw my gatekeeper Raghu There,I understood that he must have helped them in the process.Oh!What a pleasant surprise!I had totally forgotten that today is my Birthday.

The story did not end here.When I looked around the room I saw that it was beautifully decorated with colourful papers and balloons and there was a lovely cake at the centre of the room waiting to be cut by me. :P Then I cut the cake.

It was a small Kitty Party.We drank champagne and ate snacks.Then we had a talk about today's match.After @ hours of fun and enjoyment all of them again wished me "Happy Birthday" and left for the Guest House which is near my flat at about 2:30am.

I would like to thank all of them who were present yesterday,my fans and well wishers who wished me "Happy Birthday" on facebook.

Thank You all for making my Birthday a Special and Memorable one.

Love you... <3



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Happy birthday. .enjoy
68 months ago
this is awesome dude cool lucky>>><<<< just kidding
68 months ago
Dean_Ambrose (Night Hawks) Bangalore # 83
wish you happy birthday my new and cute friend be happy forever love you
68 months ago
I'm not really worried about all the discussion about whether this a spam or not whether it should be made sticky or not ! but it must appreciated for its creativity and the shows how important this game has become n everybody's lives ! 

All the best and belated happy birthday ! 
68 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 85
It was the guy's birthday and it WAS a very interesting post...not like something we've seen in the past. It was tagged as 'fun' as well. There is no need to get into an argument here.

Posts that are interesting is what we care about as it provides a good read to most users, I don't think we can comment on whether the post was created for 'likes' or otherwise.
68 months ago
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