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Comparing my players with Indian Cricket Team

by Venkata Subramanian (The Alchemists) 106 months ago Fun
Most of my players in my team reminds me of Indian cricket Players.

Lets start with my bowlers

B.Dharawadkar --> The Bhuvaneshwar Kumar of my team. Mr. consistent in bowling, very economical and gets occasional wickets.
S Mboyi--> Ishant Sharma of my team, easily leaks 50-60+ runs in allotted 4 overs almost every match
Three spinners --> one offspinner has nice skill but currently out of form ,Ashwin, one SLA --> economical and takes wickets thought average skill --> Jadeja,
Ravenkar --> Legspinner, Anil Kumble style ;) with my poor memory, i still think he takes most of his wickets LBW

Bean --> Wicket keeper skills, decent enough though leaks a few byes so Dinesh Karthick ( decent with the bat as well )


A Kogilagaddi - A Jituri , The Ganguly - Sachin of the 90s era ( or sehwag /gambhir of the mid 2000s .. one of them clicks and play a nice innings, both rarely falters in the same innings, lays good platform for the team . Good at partnerships )

Noorkhan --> V Kohli , Scores almost every match and very good while chasing big totals. Very handy player

Jambagi --> Yuvraj, scores match winning knocks at times, unpredictable

Gourishetty --> Rohit Sharma, either gets out too early in single digits or sometimes hits 40-50 runs

seeing the matches and situation they come to bowl in, I'm able to predict approximately how each one performs :D

 A Nice mix of players I have, I admit they may not be very strong ( and a bit of badluck in a few matches played before ) but a balanced team I must say

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Updated at: 09-11-2013

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106 months ago
Sabarish Sivakumar Coimbatore # 82
106 months ago
Tanay is right Dhoni is missing
106 months ago


105 months ago


105 months ago
How is your Captain of your team?????
105 months ago
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