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by Tridib Roy (Troy's Archdukes ) 98 months ago
Every match has same boring commentary which is making the game dull...please add some new lines in something in pre match,post match commentary, something about the man of the match,,,you know something which excites,,,otherwise its the same old boring story again and again....please do something about it...

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same hear., bored to hear same commentry
and commentry doesn't include any match pact and fact

98 months ago
Well .. How much ever the developers code and bring new commentary into the match, it would get boring after 3-4 matches .. 

Why not do league talk within your opponents? League III.15 and in my league too, there is much talk about the match and prospects about the match .. This game would brings friends together or make new friends !! 
98 months ago
well they can update their database every fortnight with 25 new that the commentary is not repeated as regularly as it is now... being a coder myself.. i know its not much of a task.....
98 months ago
yaa., but if developers include a seperate friends coloumn that would be easy
and there is no league chat in my league.... m the only person who make post and m the only 1 to make 10-20 posts but, no replies :(
98 months ago
@Spardans : Thats a good idea .. Just for imagination, can you clearly write whats in your mind? Something like a chat room instead of a league chat? 
98 months ago
i mean having a chance to add other members in your friends list
so, u can privately ask them for sugetions and tips
98 months ago
if u do chat room also...the purpose is not fulfilled..i think we are diverting from the topic,,,my only concern was to bring some excitement during ongoing match FROM A THIRD PERSON'S the commentator's view....adding a private chat room will not solve the case as we can do that in facebook too,,...!!!
98 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 8
You mean a private IM kind of thingi....that's a good idea....
98 months ago
hehehe., in facebook we chat reular stuff not the game once :P
n comming to commentry topic m on your side even m bored of commentry

98 months ago
YUP...COMMON VITians..come up wid some new lines..i knw you can do it(being VIT alumni myself)...!! :))

98 months ago
Actually match commentary is fine but emotion related to match situation is missing. I mean say 50 runs of 18 balls is required.. Commentary can be like this " Humongous task ahead for XXX team...What's going to happen?" or 10 runs of last over is required..The commentary is just predictable cause its all automated and no emotion is involved. Dont know how you can incorporate that factor
98 months ago
yep, in todays match i need 21runs in lat over
got de same commentry even after ma players gave 3sixes in first balls 
n last ball finised dot n it was a tie was exiting match
with commentry can make it even exiting 
98 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 13
@Tridip , Duely Noted. We ll take a look at match scenarios and see what can be done. Our system is continously evolving, so tips and suggestions like these help us improve. 

98 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 14
@Spardans, do you mean private IMs ? As such to ask question about the game etc, there is nothing better than the forum or league talk, because you know the whole "wisdom of the crowd", there is no one "silver bullet" to success in Hitwicket, everybody has a different strategy to approach a particular problem, you may gain more by publicly discussing them 
98 months ago
agreed, but..having friends chat privately also helps
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 16
Hi Tridip, 

good to see more VIT guys here! :) 
there are currently more than a 2000 lines of commentary in the system, used based on the various match scenarios. So adding more lines of commentary (say 3000 more) will keep interest going for an extra 5 matches (as mesanthu pointed out), after which we'l land up in the same problem.

What Srikanth mentioned is what we are striving to achieve eventually. But involving emotion into an automated system is a field in itself, it'l unfortunately take a while before we can prioritize this aspect considering the pending features like Scouting and Cups. 

We've debated long and hard abt post and pre-match stuff but similarly  they too are a challenge to generate without sounding dull after a few matches.
98 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 17
Everyone is welcome to chat in 3.15 And even though commentary gets repetitious after a while it can be easily ignored when the match is exciting.
98 months ago

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