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Newbie Tutorial For Training ( Updated )

by Team Bjorn (Definite Disciples) 99 months ago

So , In This Post I am Going To Tell You About Everything From Fielding To Bowling Variation  Their Advantage To Disadvantage Too. 

Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 
Remarkable - Brilliant - 2-3 Again
Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks 
Magni-Mast-Sup - 4 Weeks
Sup-Magi-Legend - 5 Weeks 
Leg-Wond-Demi-Titan - 6/7 Weeks 
Advantage - Your Team Gets Good Fielding Skills 
Disadvantage - This Leads Your Team Gets Weak At Bowling & Batting 

Wicket Keeping 
Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 
Remarkable - Brilliant - 3 Weeks 
Bri-Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks
Fant-Mag-Mast-Sup - 4 Weeks 
Sup-Magi-Legend - 5 Weeks 
Legend - Wond - Demi - Titan 6/7/8 Weeks 
Advantage And Disadvantage Are Same As Fielding 

Batting Vs Seam = Batting Vs Spin 
They Usually Take Same Time 
Advice - Dont Train In Batting Train In Which Your Batsman Are Weak At. And After It Train In Other For Whole Season 
Reliable - Accomplish - 3 Weeks 
Accomplish - Remarkable - Brilliant - 3/46
Brilliant - Exemplary - Prodigious - 4/5/ 
Prodigous - Fantastic - Magnificient - 6
Magni-Mast-Super - It Takes 6/7 Weeks ;) 
Super-Magi-Legend - 8 Weeks 

 I Have Cracked One Thing That How Much Time It Takes To Get Pop - Up In Batting Spin While Training In Batting Seam Or Vice-Versa 
So Actually For Eg: You're Training A Guy 'A' 
His Skills Is Avg/Rel 
You're Training In Batting Spin 
So Equation will be likes this 
2x = y ( x = batting spin , y = batting seam ) 
it means whenever he will pop up to remarkable then he will pop in seam i.e he will become Rel/Rem Like That 
Advantages - It Makes Your Team Stronger ;) And It Can Help Your Team To Be Best In Line Up 
Disadvantage - Take Example Of The Directwolves They Have Best Batting Line Up In This Game But They Lack In Bowling I.e We Get Weak In Bowling 

Bowling Seam & Bowling Spin 
They Both Take Equal Time Too :)
Accomplish - Remarkable - Brilliant - 4/5 
Brilliant - Exemplary - Prodigious - 4/5 
Prodigious - Fantastic - Magnificient - 5/6 
Magni - Mas - Sup - 6/7 
Sup-Magi-Legend - 7/8 Weeks 

Advantage - Like Most Of The Team In Div  4 , 3 , 2 & 1 Teams Uses Bowling Training In Comparing To Batting 

Disadvantage - Usually For Who Trains In Seam Fitness Seems To Be Important & Hence They Need To Skip Their Training For Fitness 

Bowling Variation 
- Hopeless to Useless will take 4 Weeks for 17 year old Approx 4-5 
Useless to Mediocre will take 6 weeks for 17-19 year old
for Mediocre to Average- for 18 years- takes 7 Weeks of BV and 8 weeks for 19-20 years

Average to Reliable- for 20 years- around 9 weeks- or so
- Reliable To Accomplish  Takes 10 Weeks In BV :)
- Accomplish To Remarkable Takes 11 Weeks 
-Remarkable To Brilliant Takes 12/13 Weeks ( Depending On BM ) 

Advantage - Helps In Bowling Really Very Well 
Disadvantage - It Takes Too Much Of Time

Statutory Warning: Don’t train in BV without a minimum of 8 bowlers… Best way is to have 10 bowlers…

Anything less than 8 is sheer waste of training sessions…

Usually Give Them On Between Break Of Season 
Advantage - Helps Your Players Giving More Stars 
 Disadvantage - You Need To Skip Your Training For It 

How To Increase  MRP By Ashrabh Raman ( Cyclops ) 
''Well when I was active I did all that was given in the game manual
I was majorly active in the forum
and got lots of points from likes
Other than that, match wins
I have a good win record
And training pops are another major part" 

Thank You :) Now All I Need Is Your Valuable Comments :) 
You Can Ask Me Anything On My League :) Just Tag Me
Advice - Give Training In Whichever Your First Scout Is Best At Like My Player was good at batting so i trained him in batting



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Updated at: 30-11-2013

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Nagendra (Insiders) Thanjavur # 163
awesome work bro..!!!!
99 months ago
yes I agree
99 months ago
dude dont say that -_- this points for this etc etc
99 months ago
@mastermind I agree. There is no link of manager point with the players skill.
99 months ago
yeah i have mentioned in my post give fitness trainings at season break
99 months ago
@santanu maulik thats correct but u have written that u r acc manager and u lost to avg mgr. I want to say that manager reputation do not have any link with the performance of the players.
99 months ago
@Sasidhar His skill level will only drop so it is useless....
99 months ago
99 months ago
Hi Guys,
I know this is not the right forum to say this..but I want all of you to report cheating on two teams..
Mubaikars and returners..
It is owned by same person and using inflated bids to get finance..
I have done it innumerous times but the devs are not listening..

Plzz do it..He is in my league
99 months ago
twitter share to gain more mrp
99 months ago
I was majorly active in the forum and got lots of points from likes Other than that, match wins I have a good win record
99 months ago
I think WK data is smwhat incorrect :
from avg to rel to accomplished it takes 3 weeks atleast for each level no matter how young ur player is. after it to remark it takes 4 weeks min.
98 months ago
@master mind In bowling main how much does it take from avg to reliable and reli to acco.
98 months ago
why play practise matches? do they help in training really?
98 months ago
@Sir tarun singh practise matches do not help in training it only help the newbie to understand the game nicely.
98 months ago
@tarun for your better understanding see the below table of game manual. On left most column show the type of matches and against them on right hand side what is getting affected is ticket.


 Ticket MoneyTrainingFitnessFormExperience
League Match
Off-Season Challenge Match
U20 Match
Challenge Match
Practice Match
Bi-Lateral Match
98 months ago
@sreekesh menon its simple in first match give 4 overs each to first 5 bowlers, then in next match give 4 overs each to other 5 bowlers.
98 months ago
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