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Jaimin_Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad # 348
And for brillant if m training in batting
88 months ago

Newbie Tutorial For Training ( Updated )

by Team Bjorn (Definite Disciples) 101 months ago

So , In This Post I am Going To Tell You About Everything From Fielding To Bowling Variation  Their Advantage To Disadvantage Too. 

Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 
Remarkable - Brilliant - 2-3 Again
Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks 
Magni-Mast-Sup - 4 Weeks
Sup-Magi-Legend - 5 Weeks 
Leg-Wond-Demi-Titan - 6/7 Weeks 
Advantage - Your Team Gets Good Fielding Skills 
Disadvantage - This Leads Your Team Gets Weak At Bowling & Batting 

Wicket Keeping 
Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 
Remarkable - Brilliant - 3 Weeks 
Bri-Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks
Fant-Mag-Mast-Sup - 4 Weeks 
Sup-Magi-Legend - 5 Weeks 
Legend - Wond - Demi - Titan 6/7/8 Weeks 
Advantage And Disadvantage Are Same As Fielding 

Batting Vs Seam = Batting Vs Spin 
They Usually Take Same Time 
Advice - Dont Train In Batting Train In Which Your Batsman Are Weak At. And After It Train In Other For Whole Season 
Reliable - Accomplish - 3 Weeks 
Accomplish - Remarkable - Brilliant - 3/46
Brilliant - Exemplary - Prodigious - 4/5/ 
Prodigous - Fantastic - Magnificient - 6
Magni-Mast-Super - It Takes 6/7 Weeks ;) 
Super-Magi-Legend - 8 Weeks 

 I Have Cracked One Thing That How Much Time It Takes To Get Pop - Up In Batting Spin While Training In Batting Seam Or Vice-Versa 
So Actually For Eg: You're Training A Guy 'A' 
His Skills Is Avg/Rel 
You're Training In Batting Spin 
So Equation will be likes this 
2x = y ( x = batting spin , y = batting seam ) 
it means whenever he will pop up to remarkable then he will pop in seam i.e he will become Rel/Rem Like That 
Advantages - It Makes Your Team Stronger ;) And It Can Help Your Team To Be Best In Line Up 
Disadvantage - Take Example Of The Directwolves They Have Best Batting Line Up In This Game But They Lack In Bowling I.e We Get Weak In Bowling 

Bowling Seam & Bowling Spin 
They Both Take Equal Time Too :)
Accomplish - Remarkable - Brilliant - 4/5 
Brilliant - Exemplary - Prodigious - 4/5 
Prodigious - Fantastic - Magnificient - 5/6 
Magni - Mas - Sup - 6/7 
Sup-Magi-Legend - 7/8 Weeks 

Advantage - Like Most Of The Team In Div  4 , 3 , 2 & 1 Teams Uses Bowling Training In Comparing To Batting 

Disadvantage - Usually For Who Trains In Seam Fitness Seems To Be Important & Hence They Need To Skip Their Training For Fitness 

Bowling Variation 
- Hopeless to Useless will take 4 Weeks for 17 year old Approx 4-5 
Useless to Mediocre will take 6 weeks for 17-19 year old
for Mediocre to Average- for 18 years- takes 7 Weeks of BV and 8 weeks for 19-20 years

Average to Reliable- for 20 years- around 9 weeks- or so
- Reliable To Accomplish  Takes 10 Weeks In BV :)
- Accomplish To Remarkable Takes 11 Weeks 
-Remarkable To Brilliant Takes 12/13 Weeks ( Depending On BM ) 

Advantage - Helps In Bowling Really Very Well 
Disadvantage - It Takes Too Much Of Time

Statutory Warning: Don’t train in BV without a minimum of 8 bowlers… Best way is to have 10 bowlers…

Anything less than 8 is sheer waste of training sessions…

Usually Give Them On Between Break Of Season 
Advantage - Helps Your Players Giving More Stars 
 Disadvantage - You Need To Skip Your Training For It 

How To Increase  MRP By Ashrabh Raman ( Cyclops ) 
''Well when I was active I did all that was given in the game manual
I was majorly active in the forum
and got lots of points from likes
Other than that, match wins
I have a good win record
And training pops are another major part" 

Thank You :) Now All I Need Is Your Valuable Comments :) 
You Can Ask Me Anything On My League :) Just Tag Me
Advice - Give Training In Whichever Your First Scout Is Best At Like My Player was good at batting so i trained him in batting



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Updated at: 30-11-2013

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yeah age minded for all type of training . 
88 months ago
age is minded bro.
88 months ago
Jaimin_Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad # 345
Okk broo thanks then how much weeks it will take for 21 yrs to become remarkable from accmplished
88 months ago
88 months ago
bro it will take 5/6 ... in 4 he wont pop up
88 months ago
Jaimin_Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad # 348
And for brillant if m training in batting
88 months ago
88 months ago
Div VI
Mr_Anonymous (Disciples) Hyderabad # 350
Age matters for all types of trainings....
88 months ago
AsheeshMeena (Mon5T3rs) - Bro He'll pop-up in 4 weeks only :) considering u are giving him only in one not acc/acc to rem/rem..
88 months ago
Jaimin_Brahmbhatt Ahmedabad # 352
Thank u guys
88 months ago
Updated Till Legendary/Brilliant! :D And Legend/Legend in batting and fielding titan/titan
88 months ago
Sasidhar_D (TELUGU THUNDERS) Vijayawada # 354
MyNaMeIsToOlOnG (BaDaSs BlAcK hAwKs) what is this 
 Magni - Mas - Sup - 6/7 "" ( 1 Season )""" 
88 months ago
Lol sorry :v
88 months ago
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