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Over-Pop in 3rd League

by Shashank (ShKa) 98 months ago

I feel that the 3rd league is super saturated with human players and most of the newbies that come in are part of the lower ranked bot teams which ultimately get relegated. This is, needless to say, unfair to a large extent as these guys dont have the right time and patience to come up the ladder - unlike when we joined. Its good to have bots- but its better to have a more equal distribution of human vs bot players. 

Others: your thoughts? 

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Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 1
I feel that the newbies should only be allowed to join in 5....they ll get enough time to per 3 I feel its good to have all human like 2.....from 3 I feel you should start thinking of strategies to beat the other team....if you don't do ll be thrashed badly when you go up....4 and 5 should be the place where you develop players....I guess when we guys joined 3 was just like we got the time....but now any new team that joins in 3....even if he takes over a bot team who is at the top is bound to fall into trouble....and one sincere advice to the newbies.....guys...don't waste money buying star players who are old....they ll just get you matches won but soon you ll have to think about there replacements....there fitness etc etc....not worth it....rather use the players you get on monday and train them to perform better....this way you ll save a lot of money which ll be useful later when u run into tougher opponents in the higher leagues.....
98 months ago

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