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using mny bwlrs an advntge??

by Sunny 98 months ago
Read in the hitwicket times that someone's using 7 bwlers :o
if we use 7 or 8 bwlers ina game will we really hve any advantage?
i mean,in hitwicket is there anything like "batsman getting used to the bwlr"?
or is it just "batsman's ability vs bowler's ability for each ball" given in the manual??

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
The Engine tries to even things out over the course of the match since pure probabilities on each ball will not provide fair results.

- A poor bowler (much weaker than the batsman he is bowling to) has a much better chance of bowling 1 good over than bowling 4 good overs...

- similarly a bad batsman has a much better chance of scoring a cameo innings than a 50.

ps: will update the manual too
98 months ago

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