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General explaination

by scotch (Malibu) 92 months ago
@rishav, @kashyap ..

My training scheme was this from the start of season, 1 fitness and fielding and 1 batting ... The batsman have been recently trained and according to ability stars they are very capable ..

What I dont understand is, the poor run form in 2 matches recently .. One against Pune and one against Mumbai Thugs .. .. Can you give a general explanation on that ? Am I missing something? Are these results expected ? If yes, on what other basis .. 
Is it because they are less experienced? (You might see that I am running out of theories) .. 

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 8
Also, 'All-rounders' will soon become more common once teams realize their full value. most teams have 'Hopeless' batsman coming in from # 7...too easy to get such players out, especially when they are trying to score some runs. You see a lot of 'All outs' because of this. Get the top few out and the rest become a procession of wickets.

in Real life, teams can afford to have a 'tail' as only their #10/11....teams here need to evolve into that.

@Teuton: from the top of my head
92 months ago
@kashyap : About the form .. Since form plays an important role, may be it should not be randomly determined ... May be it should correlate with training received and games played .. But thats just my opinion .. You might have a reason for what you are doing !! 

"Send Player to drill camp" : Seems good idea .. But can he be trained along with fitness and form, some other ability based on user choice? I actually want to request, fitness to be a part of the ability(batting/bowling/keeping) training instead of "fitness and fielding". (players who get trained for that week in some training get also trained in fitness, may be less but trained). If the cost of "drill camp" is higher, it would also discourage people from over-utilising it. 

You got to think of more places to spend money like coaches or something. People who are enough experienced have loads of money and nothing to do with it !! :-P

From my recent matches, what I can see is that fitness is affecting my batsman, the top 3 are low on fitness and not delivering. While the bowler who is too good is stuck in poor form. (Talk about being unlucky!)
92 months ago

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