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Training Changed

by abcgladiators (11gladiators) 98 months ago i was training batting.
on thursday i  changed my training to bowling.
today i got a message saying that 5 players have been trained in bowling.
Did i miss something? is this how it is supposed to work?
I thought when the match was played training was set to be batting and so players would get trained in batting and from this sunday bowling training would start

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Weekly training is calculated for players on Saturday at 9 am. The selected 'training focus' at that instant is used in the calculations.
98 months ago
well thats crap! because players lost batting training.
Also...this means to change my training type and not waste training i have less than a day!!!
98 months ago
1). What Tushar wrote is a copy from the Game Manaul. So it was always the rule from past 3 seasons. 

The way to think about is, you set your line-up for the 2 matches based on what you want to train and who you want to train. 
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 4
@abcgladiators: "Also...this means to change my training type and not waste training i have less than a day!!!"
no, you actually have time till 9am next saturday to decide what u want to change to...

so even if u'd selected batting training during ur next 2 matches but switched to bowling friday night, you wud get bowling training.
98 months ago

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