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Bidding Decorum

by Poisson (GDF Champ) 99 months ago

If you are interested in buying a player then just don't be an ASS and keep bidding (read cross bidding multiple times) at LAST second every time.. once or twice its ok.. but Man! repeatedly during cross bid? do you have sane mind? it is a annoying tactics.. please don't do that.

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Maybe if you think your time is being wasted while playing an online game, don't play. This is how everybody has been bidding since the game was launched.
99 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 2
nope.. I am not in argument mode.. I was just looking for some decorum.. that's why I said once or twice it is alright to do cross bid at last second as someone is not able to decide if they should put so much money or not.. but doing cross bid multiple times doesn't make much sense at least to me.. may be to those who are doing cross bid on same player again and again on same player.. anyways.. no further comments from me on this topic as it definitely won't add any value to topic under discussion.. cheers!
99 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 3
Yeah I too agree with poisson.....I see fresh players coming in to the market at the very last second.....if you to bid bid early....and this was not how it was me....been in the game since last three seasons....guys the effect is the end up paying the same money.....but then why at the last minute....make your intentions clear.....its really annoying to keep on bidding for half hour after the deadline......
99 months ago
Could you please elaborate on your conclusion that the intention is evil if a bid is placed at the last second? It sounds more like a personal preference or maybe impatience.

I will give you one good reason why people do that - they want to see off the initial bidding wars get over before finally getting involved. 

That is the reason I do so. I stop bidding after I think the player's price has gone above what I think would have been a fair price.
99 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 5
If you think so and stop then you are not sure if you want him or not or your finances dont permit you....and guys those who want to buy a player a bid such that no one else will be able to cross bid.....forget about fair play....because there ain't any.....
99 months ago
I'll use this post to make my intentions clear yet again and a little of my thought process when I'm bidding:

  • I never bid with evil intentions :-) .
  • Hoping no one cross bids and then getting annoyed is quite childish.
  • The expectation that one should place a bid such that no one else will be able to cross bid is just flawed. No one can guess if there will be a higher bid or not.
  • Thinking that your time is being wasted when a bidding war prolongs is being hypocritical as the reason for us playing this game is having fun by getting involved, and which includes spending some time here. Its like blaming facebook for wasting your time when we all know you choose to do so.
  • I will bid for a player until I think he is worth a little more than the current bid, obviously limited by my current financial conditions.
  • I will try to minimize the number of bids I place, hence I will always bid at the last second. Some people may see it as being lazy and get annoyed but I think I'll argue I am making it more efficient for myself :-).
So with that have a good weekend :-) I wrote this as it scales well if anyone else gets annoyed again in future, hence not only for you guys.
99 months ago

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