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player's name

by Adil Khan 98 months ago
how can i change the name of my players...???

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You cant!
98 months ago
Adil Khan Chennai # 2
VIT University
98 months ago
why not??
98 months ago
Adil Khan Chennai # 4
VIT University
coz i want to make a team that does make me feel like oh yeah thats my that during commentary atleast i  can enjoy reading my name or some other name given by me comes adil n four would be interesting to see yourself playing..sort of 
98 months ago
I was kidding with you .. I am no one to make decisions .. I just know that you cant as of now !! :-D .. 

Let the developers speak of developments .. 
98 months ago
Adil Khan Chennai # 6
VIT University
i know u r not the what do u think of it...???
one might be spending much more time on managing his so called team...
98 months ago

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