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Form Improvement

by Omkar 98 months ago
How can the 'Form' of a player be improved?

Here is a quick re cap from the Help
  • Chances of form improving are more if the player plays a match during the week.
I have a player of mine who has been playing every match since the beginning, turns out his form has been dropped in the recent past.  I was wondering, are there any other factors that could effect the form?  if so, what is the process involved to turn this thing around?

Thanks in advance !!

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i think there should be reconsideration about the concept of form...
It cannot be a random variable even though it is skewed towards improving if he plays a match...

I personally think form should be a variable of...
  • Past performances
  • Frequency of matches played
  • MoM awards and Moments of Glory should be counted (500 runs in career etc.)
  • Any pop-ups in skill due to training

The existing concept of Form is undoubtedly flawed...

98 months ago
Hmm .. How are the factors you mentioned talk about form of a player? 

There is a problem with the suggestion you made : A good player would always be a player in form .. A good player has more chances to perform better and play frequently and win match awards and if he is young, get a few training pop-ups .. What happens to trainees? What happens to players who are still improving ? (They are bound to perform worse and since they are trainees they play less matches (rotation policy) and they dont receive awards ).. And more .. What if he does not get a chance to perform that match, how do you calculate that?

Forget about trainees for a while ..  A team which has 2-3 starred players would be unbeatable by that definition .. If form is random, even if the player has a bad form for that week a strong team should force to include him in that order and thereby give opportunities for somebody weak .. 
98 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 23
Developers if you want poisson off your back please transfer some illegal funds to his account. :p
98 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 24
@teuton - hehe.. yeah that will mkae poisson happy once for all.. :D

sorry Kashyap I was under the impression that form factor changes happens on friday along with fitness drop.. as item is clear, no more complain will come from me on any of the training item going forward.. :)
98 months ago
@mesanthu @kashyap

"A good player would always be a player in form .. "
A "Good" performance should be proportional to skill index... like if a 600 SI player makes 20 runs it should be counted as a good performance... or if a 15000 SI player makes say something above 80 it could be counted as a good performance.

You can divide performances proportional to SI in three categories
- Good Performance (Boost in form)
- Average Performance (Neutral)
- Bad Performance (Loss in form)

"play frequently"
This is already there, frequent players tend to have better form aint it ?

"if he is young, get a few training pop-ups "
I agree including pop-ups can be detrimental towards the cause...

"win match awards"
now now this is the player who made a team win a match... It can be anyone... Obviously we expect Sachin to win all the MoM awards but he doesnt. I had a new recruit taking 6 wickets in a match... Its probability...

The bottom line is that this game is about simulation... Random form does not make any sense to me, it does not happen in real life and it should not happen here too... the concept seems completely flawed...

98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 26

- Right now we check if a player plays atleast one match in the week. no advantage for playing both the matches. So a trainee who plays only 1 match a week is not penalized right now.

- What if the openers or top 3 manage to finish off both matches by themselves? we sudn't penalize the form of half his batsmen as a consequence of a solid win. 
If you consistently bowl ur opponent for < 100...ur batsmen form would deteriorate. The reason we provide training purely on match orders and not what happens during the match itself is because of these issues. I think the argument holds good even for form.

- If you face 2 particularly strong teams in a week and get hammered (all out < 100 & match completed before ur 5th bowler even comes on to bowl), ur form will take a big hit. Ur next week' matches (which sud've been more even contests) will be unfairly effected by this.

- The match engine over time ensures that the best players top the charts over time. The top scorers/wicket takers in competitive leagues (even average batsmen/bowlers perform well in leagues with a lot of BOTS...not considering them here) are usually the best players. Keeping them in Good form throughout may not be a good idea.

I agree, Form simulation is not the most robust aspect of the game...but I think in this case the simple implementation is the best way to go. 
98 months ago
See my point is with a little brainstorming you guys can come up with an algorithm to make form simulation more robust... So many aspects of the game are well thought of, training/skill indexes/etc.
i am sure you guys can work on it more...

and the fact that so many discussions about form... suggests that there is scope for improvement :)
98 months ago
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