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New Salary and SI structure

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 98 months ago
There was an imbalance in the game where a bowler's salary was much less compared to that of a batsman. eg: an 8* bowler was getting paid almost 40% less than a 8* batsman. This problem was especially acute for bowlers with high bowling variation skill. Bowlers will now draw a higher salary, increase is more for bowlers with good BV skill. Their SI has also been increased accordingly.

Second problem, players were drawing a large amt of salary due to their high fielding skill level. Their impact on the match just by their fielding was not proportional to this salary, so we had to reduce the salary accordingly.

Since #1 leads to increase in salary and #2 leads to decrease, overall team salaries vary by your team composition. Teams with a very good bowling lineup may see an increase upto 10% in overall salary.

Teams with several Exemplary and above fielding skill players may see a drop in their overall salary.

Also, Recommended price has been updated to give a bit more prominence to age, keeping up with the market trends. This will be tweaked every few weeks as the market evolves. 

final note, Skills of your players have not been effected in any way. a 5* batsman will reamin a 5* batsman, unless there is a change in his form tomorrow.

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So basically Bowling Variation brings more weight on Skill Index now right ?
Bowling Variation matters more than Fielding Ability in overall Skill Index...
The salary reflects the changes... Makes sense...
Good step...
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
All skills have always impacted the SI in different proportions (based on their importance to match performance)...fielding contributes the least, BV the most.

As you go higher in levels, all skills contribute exponentially more to the SI....for BV it is now a much more exponential increase.
98 months ago

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