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IPL Auctions

by Akshay Bhardwaj 109 months ago
Saw IPL player auctions yesterday. I just couldn't stop wondering how much they have ? 
They must out of their skulls. 700k+ for Mendis; the guy can't even throw a stone in a river with its side up. 
1M for Maxwell. Based on his recent innings, he sure would have gone high, but 1M? He would be somersaulting on his bed. 
Also, add to the surprise, players like McKay, Philander, Bollinger and many were wasted or bid too low. 
It was more of a surprising show than an interesting one. 


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Sachin Hyderabad # 1
i heard that players with good RECENT performances were sold for a high amount..
109 months ago
unadkat for 5.25
109 months ago
VegaPunk # 3
109 months ago
Akshay Bhardwaj Ghaziabad, India # 4
Next thing that you see is Mohammad Kaif back with 2M bid. Kill me !!!!
109 months ago
so here are you gaining some points . Atleast this way is lot better than "please like my posts" way . And yes it was quite surprsing . That new bowler richrdson went for 700K . Mumbai has money like anything . They are spending and spending but never won any IPL .Unadkat went for high price . Bollinger unsold , prior unsold , herath unsold , kevin o brien went unsold . Biggest surprise for me was hazelwood went unsold . He has potential 
109 months ago
Akshay Bhardwaj Ghaziabad, India # 6
It's not that Mumbai has money shit. 
Every team has a fixed budget in which they have to take players. Same budget. Now, it's just not much cricket you see, it's the business they make out of it. 
I wish this IPL to be shown on CNN IBN, for we can learn from their money minds. 
109 months ago
mumbai and pune are the ones , i think , sitting on piles of money . See their armory of players . The salaries they are extracting . This shitload amount of money is being invested in cricket , rather do some CSR work with it . 
109 months ago

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