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Newbie Guide..!!! (More insights from experienced managers)

by Amar Karam Chandani (Soldiers of Fortune) 70 months ago Newbie

Hii..first things first welcome to Hitwicket (HW)..hope you find it as fantastic as i do..!!!


I am assuming that you have gone though the game manual and completed the tutorial..If not do it now so that you will be able to understand things even better and at a rapid pace...


HW consists of various things so its best not to hurry..remember be patient and try to grab one thing at a time to prove a tough competitor...

 The first and foremost important thing is to learn and what can be better than learning itself from big guns of the game so there you go "HW Manager Academy" a platform where experienced managers are interested to share their success story and tips with you so that you do not make the same mistakes and can rise quickly...!!!

As every other thing goes it is always important to focus on basics rather than going after the well complicated stuff...So lets start with your team


The team you have been provided will be consisting of 16 can see there various attributes and Form Fitness and Skill Index and his age...Click on a player's name and fire those who are above 20 years with Skill Index of less than 2000.

It is always mandatory to have least of 11 all you need to do is recognize which department is your team strong in (batting/bowling) and plan your training accordingly.

Again how to progress with the training can be understood from the manual clearly..if any doubts search in forum

Whatever you train in do not change it for at least 2 seasons if you are looking towards long term goals..believe me frequently changing training focus is a grave mistake which even i did during my initial days.

The objective is to train for longer time duration so that you can be kick ass in that department...!!!

Visit this link to know about this in depth


Golden line-The younger the player the faster he trains.Speed decreases as he goes 20+


Again refer the manual for any information related to training and then i would also advise you to go through this post to understand how you can effectively train your players.

Moreover if you are starting to train in bowling below is the link of a really helpful post which can set u straight on right track from day one..

Depending on the league you are in you are likely to face more bot teams so also go through this post to understand about bot teams and how you can beat them easily..


Now as soon as you are on to your way on training your youngsters you can always track their performance by pop-ups in their skills and also by their star rating...also based on star rating you will also be able to catch your opponent's at his weakness \m/

The mechanism behind Star rating has been explained in below post..but be clear on the ground work before you step into understand skill set of a player then only u can take advantage of star ratings..!!!


Somewhat neglected training focus proves to be fitness and Wk,fielding...1 or 2 fitness training along with 2 wk and fielding training are enough for a single season...however as a good bowler plays an important role similarly an equally efficient wicket-keeper will also play a pivotal role.You can read more about it here 


Also do remember to use your finances carefully. The more money you save during your initial days the more helpful it will prove to you during later stages of the game.

Will also suggest you to go through this seasonal approach which will help you plan your future strategy and bring it in to affect along with training


Also i would suggest to stay away from transfer market for at least a month after joining so that you can understand it well and use your finances on a useful player.

MRP or manager reputation points will help you in climbing up the managerial ladder....with rising levels you are bound to get more advantages...various ways of obtaining mrp's have been mentioned thoroughly in this post...The points for FB share are not rewarded now..!!!

Though remember deliberately posting content asking for likes will be treated as spam and you will lose your hard earned mrp for that..!!!

So its always better to learn and then help out people in forum and obtain their appreciation in form of likes :) 

All of the above information which i was able to contribute due to things i have learnt during time spent here and which has been with the help of developers or devs of this game as we call them (Sir Kashyap Sir  Saurabh Sir Rajat Singhal Sir Rishav )and other highly experienced managers such as  Sir Shree Sir Maximus Sir Ashrabh Soul Collector Sir Priyansh Modi...and the list goes on and on :)

Also many experienced managers would definitely share their opinions over here..i m sure that will help you guys as well :)


Hope you enjoy the game and feel free to tag me in my League if you need any kind of further info on anything..will be glad to help you out...or you can even search the forum for your query..if you do not find any satisfactory results other experienced managers will be happy to help you out :)


Happy Hitwicketing :) :)


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Updated at: 08-09-2013

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Amar Karam Chandani (Crusaders XI)- Great Work dude- THe best part is- you gave the link to all relevant posts for their queries.. :) 
70 months ago
Sir Priyansh Modi (The Special One) thnx..i hope this goes on to become an even great and fruitful discussion..!!!
70 months ago
Great work actually should be included in faq i guess :)
70 months ago
it is a great post to sumrse all thing for a newbie... 
70 months ago
Despicable Me Bangalore # 6
Amar Karam Chandani (Crusaders XI) abey tu log itna lamba lamba posts se kaise nikalta re :p o.O
70 months ago
Chandra Lingamaneni (Hema Chandra Rockers) :D
well this was due for a long time...finally compiled today..!!!
70 months ago
Despicable Me Bangalore # 9
Amar Karam Chandani (Crusaders XI) fir bhee.How can u make such long posts dude.hats off to ur patience :)
70 months ago
70 months ago
Great post, Amar.. Hats off to your dedication and the will to help others :)
70 months ago
great work bro !!! I also made several mistake when i was a newbie, i thought that i had less finance and hence rejected my first ever scout in hitwicket, also i went behind several useless players in the transfer auction in my initial days, i even sold my star players to upgrade my training facilities which was another grave mistake.But from next season onwards i trained my players properly, and then sold 3 of my trainees as they were in unreliable form and under performing which was a grave mistake now i realise that but i purchased 3 young 17 yr old ones and hv continued the same batting seam/spin training since the beginning, i never changed training focus ever to bm/bv .This has helped me a lot,also i wud give fitness 1-2 weeks every season but i dont give fielding and wktkeeping training, i feel its a waste better to buy a gud wktkeeper batsmen in the auction once u get the money and if ur getting bowlers make sure they are gud in feilding also apart from their normal skills.So it is very important to have a clear training plan, typically for long term purposes.My best batsman and the first trainee i recruited is my best batsman currently exemplary/exemplary and the best batsman for MP in india cup.So that is a very proud moment for me in hitwicket as i have a great star in the making.
70 months ago

Nicely compiled, took long time to come out ;)

ps:add a seasonal approach post too

70 months ago
Div VI
MJK (Real Warriors) Kannur # 27
Nice Post Buddy..
70 months ago
Paleti Mouli Vijayawada # 38
nice post buddy
70 months ago
Amar Karam Chandani add the part of the manager academy also in the post coz i think that is one of the most important thing a newbie should do on joining hw
70 months ago
Paleti Mouli Vijayawada # 48
depends on ur players... wat players u got better enroll in a acadamy there exp manager will suggest u as he can see ur players skills
70 months ago
Paleti Mouli Vijayawada # 49
@saraswat agree with u amar add enroll in a acadamy as d imp thing to be done
70 months ago
good one thank u:)
70 months ago
Gr8 post bro.
70 months ago
arv9293 (Sanz) Chennai # 66
Awesome meticulous work bro...!!! Great one!
70 months ago
70 months ago

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