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Power Play

by MoiKusale (Fighters Club) 98 months ago

As if now we set 'Powerplay' before the start of the game. But it seems max advantage goes to the team that wins the toss. Is it possible to allow other team (chasing team) to re-set the Powerplay according to the need of hour ?

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98 months ago
This discussion happened earlier. (The government says) It would be unfair for someone who is not online or unable to access the system during the time of the match
98 months ago
As such i haven't seen any advantage for team winning toss and his/her powerplay selection. Because in hitwicket powerplay is that time during which your players will try to score more runs and thus maximizing risk taken.So strategically you should select powerplay based on your opponent's weak bowling .That is a kind of prediction that is done before toss only.

Secondly , hitwicket is designed in such a way that it doesn't gives any disadvantage to user who is not available during the match.
98 months ago
Hmm.... government has a point. However, Powerplay certainly affects Net R.R. In some cases it might become crucial.
98 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 5
max advantage doesn't goes to the toss winning team....I've played 6 matches n in all, I've lost the toss but still I won!!!!
98 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 6

@aces it doesn't matter who wins the toss...what matters is how you beat your opponents have to plan your power plays in such a way that you put your best bowlers when the team batting opposite to you is taking it and plan your own when the team bowling against has the weakest of bowlers bowling....mind you no team in this game has awesome bowlers that bowl for 20 overs...except for a few..!!!!...incase you want to try are welcome to play to play in ll know how PP is chosen... :P
98 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 7
hey, u r right....but i was just specifying the above statement....
98 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 8
except a few!! --yeah...satya's team is one of those few exceptions :)
98 months ago
Are yaar mera matlab ye nahi hai ki 'toss winning team' wins the match just because of power play. Aisa hota ye T20 nahi T5 ban jata :P

Point is... we plan our matches assuming we are going to win the toss... ( ab koi ye soch ke plan banata ho ki... Toss to harna hi hai... to alag bat hai).... Ab sikka apni side me gire to balle balle... everything falls in place as we wanted. This is not the point if we win the match or not.  Lekin toss harne par... ?? Ab har condition par ek hi strategy to nahi lagu kar sakte na.... It would be helpful to review our plans at later stage. Vaise bhi bich ke 15 minute karne ko khcuh nahi hota siway ghadi dekhne ke :P
98 months ago
Then ... Isint the right question is to ask the developers to have a conditional line-up??

If you bat first, you give a ine-up of batsman and bowlers ... If you bat second, you have a different line-up. @Rishav, @Kashyap
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 11
We did discuss this long time back, but far too much complexity interms of functionality and usability for very marginal amt of gain...
If you look back at your prev matches, I doubt if you wud change ur lineup too much depending on which innings you bat.
98 months ago
Actually no .. I do have some moves, atleast in bowling line-up, that would be different if I bat first or second .. 

But yeah .. It would add to confusion a lot!! Might not be worth it .. 
98 months ago

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