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Bowling Variation salary increase

by Srikanth Chakkilam (Srikanth's Sainyam) 98 months ago
How much of an impact will the teams have because of this? (I just bought a very expensive player..)
Will you also increase the ticket prices or all this impact is to be bourne by the teams? This is government regulations coming out of the blue :)

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
the salary will be more appropriate to their impact on the game...right now some of the best bowlers (mainly ones with high variation) in the game are paid less than 80k in salary, which is waaay too less.

There won't be any change in ticket prices, as it'l end up benefiting even teams that are not hit much by the salary change. 
I agree it's out of the blue, but right now the imbalance is so big that it's close to being marked as a 'bug' immediate action is needed. We try our best not to change things like these on short notice. 

An announcement will be made once the salaries are updated.
98 months ago

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