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Mysteries of Bowling training Unleashed!!

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 99 months ago Training
I see many people complaining about training,so i feel the time is ripe to reveal my share of tricks and secrets of this game.
Out of the 6 possible trainings i would suggest you to begin with BM training. Why?! I will be answering it as we progress through this post. Before you begin, you have to pick trainees who are useless in Variation and age below 18 years[3000-5000SI]. Try to get the above prescribed type of players as many as you can out of the 6.

Now inorder to train 6 bowlers of same type needs  little adjustments to be made in the bowling order, i,e, we need 42 overs to train 6 bowlers completely, but we have only 40 overs per week,so optimize 5 bowlers to bowl 7 overs each per week and one lesser favored bowler bowls 5 overs per week. This way 5 bowlers are trained to the maximum while 1 gets 71.43% of maximum training. In 3 seasons or 30 weeks, you will have 5 bowler with 30000 and one bowler with 25000 skill indices. (approximately)

So we go back to the question of why BM training over all others to begin with?!
The answer is simple, We now have an extra player with 25000 skill index, we sell him in the market and get 25M cash. With this cash we can comfortably switch to Batting training by buying world class youngsters.

Advantages : 
No need to buy seamers(if training spinners and vice versa) to train your 6 bowlers.
All your trainees get full experience.
Extra player when sold at end of training boosts your finances.
You will be forced to play 6 bowlers,thereby reducing your batsmen to 5 every match.(short term loss for long term profits[think about it]) If you feel this disadvantage is too much to bear, train only 5 bowlers then, trade off for profit you would get at end!
Why BM over BV?
Because BM is way faster than BV to train. Also, BV is optimized for 10 trainees, you will neither have the resources nor the patience to train BV. Also BM training helps increase in BV by say 50% compared to BV training. Hence, BM is ideal!
But,after you reach 30000 SI, it would be better to improve your bowler variation to reliable or accomplished by giving BV for a season or two for an ideal bowling attack!

Note : I challenge anyone who can propose a training strategy faster and better than this! ^_^*
And yes i'm an egoistic bastard! Thank you!!

And yes, for people who are wondering why have i revealed this!
Inorder to end the arbitrage and make this game more tactical i.e, predicting your opponent moves, timing your powerplays etc rather than just whining over skill indices


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Shekhar Rock # 144
can you tell a trick for the batting???
98 months ago


98 months ago
One Doubt.The manual says u can only train a bowler for 4 overs, but u have mentioned about 7 overs..what am i missing.
98 months ago
deepwiz (enigma) chicago # 185
Training for 7 overs? Correct me if I have mis-understood the following statement in the Game Manual, which I think clearly states that a bowler can only receive 4 overs maximum of Bowling Training:
  • A bowler can receive a maximum of 4 overs worth of training every week. eg: if Bowler A bowls 4 overs in the first match and 3 more in the second match, he still receives only 4 overs worth of training.
97 months ago
deepwiz (enigma) chicago # 189
@SoulCollector This would be an issue at a different level then. Does this mean there is a bug in the implementation coz the actual working is different from what is told in the manual?
97 months ago
deepwiz (enigma) chicago # 191
Well, I dont see the point of being pedantic here. Its a genuine question in the general interest of everyone. About "synergy", yes it sounds cool... but code is code and works the way it is written unless its a character in "I,Robot". And about baby-sitting, anyone who proclaims "Mysteries Unleashed" should also be responsible for answering questions to avoid proliferating possibly incorrect information.
97 months ago
CricmaniaC Kolkata # 193
hey guys
if u wanna know why 7 overs and why not only 4 overs
go through this post-

P.S. there are enough posts in the forum to answer ur query...u just have to search
97 months ago
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