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Questions for all nominees

by Phenomenal 1 (Enemies of the Ball) 99 months ago
It would be great if we could have some sort of introduction/manifestos by nominees. In this we would like certain questions answered such as:-

1. How much time they think they would be willing to spend on India cup per week to make Karanataka team the best?

2. What are their expectations from Assistant coaches? How do they intend to search for Assistant coaches?

3. What will they consider a gem of a player? Will a 8 star young player in training be considered equivalent/better than a 9 star oldie not being trained?

4. How do they intend to find out the best players from Karanataka region? It is neither easy nor practical to search every team in HitWicket. At the same time, not everyone reads forums and hence some people may not apply with their good players. So some initiative might be required on the part of head/assistant coaches in finding the best talent.

There may be other questions that are important but I have missed them. Feel free to add those here.

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Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 1
1.To be realistic. you do not need to spend a lot of time to make the the state team the best.For me whatever time I spend even if it is 10Mins I will do all to make every second count.I think that can be seen in the post created for players...                                                                                                                 

2.Asst Coaches will be someone who for me is infact a head coach but is a direct entry.My expectations from the Asst.Coach is he should be able to question why did I Select the player or why did I set the line up like this....that way the best of the two will come out and this will also lead to a better team being formed criteria for selecting an Asst.Coach will be his previous record....and how he frames his strategies when it comes to a match...the later being more important because that is what will be required for the wins.                                                                                                                                          

3.A gem player will be an 8 star player being trained....but the team will also require oldies because they provide experience.You do not win matches just with gems..who are good in batting and bowling and no exp...reason we all exp captain provides a good fielding side...that will save runs...which is equally ideally one to two oldies will be required for the team although they should posses good skills good exp and high in fitness............                                                                                      

4.I would not post here how I do that because it is a public forum. But my post under players from karnataka says it all....:-).All I can say is the players will be good,selection will be unbiased.I am already preparing a list of players who I feel are fit to play for the states....out of those the best can be short listed once the player selection criterias are disclosed by the devs. Also I feel there will be a feature introduced which will enable the users to get this done in a better way.And regarding the people who do not read the forums...if I find a player belonging to such a user I would personally post the request on his/her LT.No one would say no to such an offer when the he will be free from playing that players salary and also that player will gain exp...:-)

99 months ago

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