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Inappropriate bids

by Amit Agarwal 98 months ago
Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings, but I have noticed some inappropriate biddings.
Some ppl are bidding for some players without use and increasing there prices and sometime even getting them. After sometime they again put them on auction. For example

This player was sold on 11/08/2012 at around 22:00 hour for 306,000 which is more than his price and within just half hour he is again on auction. If you didn't need him, why did you bid on him? This has happened twice in same day. I lost players in bid and than they were up for auction again.

Guy, Do you have any solution for this thing? Like having a constraint that if you get a player make him play at least a few games before selling them again.

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Amit Agarwal Calcutta, India # 1

This is the second player that's up for aution today itself
98 months ago
It seems quite unlikely to get a profit margin out of doing this deed, as the skill index of the player remains the same.

The person selling it right after winning the bid has to pay agent fees and extra costs. Hence I think it becomes more or less a gamble that will fail to fetch any profits... And the agent fees this way discourages such a practice...

I don't think its feasible to restrict selling players you just acquired because of some rare but genuine scenarios such as incorrectly bidding on a player, using your resources to bid on two players acquiring one and selling the other in case you win both the bids and some more cases as well...
98 months ago
The trick I think is discouraging such an activity by high probability of financial loss... I think the developers are quite on the right track here...
98 months ago
Amit Agarwal Calcutta, India # 4
I am not saying that we should restrict them from selling but you must have thought about him because you are paying so much. At least give him a match or two.
98 months ago
 That depends on the bidder/seller I think they must've their reasons... Unless they are trying to play Joker and create chaos ;)
98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 6
the deadline is in 3 days, he may yet play the match on Sunday...
98 months ago
and also please make some minimal rules about bidding . Like 

1)There should be upper limit on pricing of player.Like somebody is selling a player at 99,99,999 .Who would be having that much money???This is plain mocking or marketing stunt.

2)Restrict the no. of players you can buy during a season .There is no as such injury or player getting banned .So no point in increasing bench strength.Making it as 2-3 player per season.Anyway we are getting youth recruits every week.So 2-3 player per season is enough.That can solve the above raised issue as no player will buy and sell the same player on same day atleast.Because there  will be cap on how many players you can buy.

3)This point i have been saying many times , but nobody replied back on this . Make youth recruit once in 2 weeks . this will stop flooding of players in market auction.Nobody values a player right now.If they get a mediocre player , they either fire him or put him up for sale.They will think better luck next week.This way they won't be getting anymore player till next 14 days so they have to strategize according to that

4)Make your security check super  tight.Right now already i have seen you have done outstanding job on removing player having multiple ID's .But after looking at the auction , sometimes i feel there are some teams that are still there .That's just my feeling .Maybe it could be wrong.But can you have a look again on users.Because players that just joined the game are immediately placing their best player on auction , without even playing a single game.That didn't looked like strategy to me.So just have a look at it.

98 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 8
1) There is really no stopping that, only way is to deter it by increasing the transfer listing cost...that will be penalizing the majority of the good users.

2) I don't think such a restriction is a good idea...a lot of things could change during the season that may want you to change the setup of ur team eg: changing training strategy, selling off 2 high salary players and replacing with 6 low salary players, etc.
we will be hindering the teams too much this way... 

3) There is actually a shortage of youth players...teams are not able to find enough players to fill all their training slots. For every team that joins, there is demand for 6 more trainees...while only 1 comes from their youth scout, it'l take 6 weeks to fill the demand. 
Sure there are teams that have full training slots (won't contribute to demand but add a youth to market), but keep in mind a very low % of youth pulls are actually worthy of not being fired. There is an imbalance. Until the no. of users that have a full training program reaches arnd 5 times the no. of new teams that join each month, this imbalance will continue.

4) We do have a good setup for handling cheating cases, rest assured, those with suspicious transfer activity are only making it easier for us to catch them ;)
98 months ago

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