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Showing insufficent training meter.....!!!!

by tusharjain (Devil Bull) 108 months ago Training
I have played 2 match one sunday and one on wednesday (today)....

On sunday match my spinner bowl 10.5 over with 5 spinner( 5 bowl).

On wednesday  match my spinner bowl 10.2 over with 5 spinner(4 bowl and 1 does not bowl).

But for the player Din Salahuddin he bowled 1 over in first match and 3 over in wednesday match so his quota is full so why it is showing in yellow color instead of green....??

Can u help me devs??


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saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 1
Quota does not depends whether he actually bowled in the match or not.
Lets say a bowler didn't even got the chance to bowl but your training schedule is Bowling Spin.
In these cases,  we do not penalize the bowler..because that is not fair.

Whatever a manager has set the lineup, that is only taken into account, it does not matter whether he actually bowled or not :)

108 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 2
check using this formula dude :D

total overs of spin ordered in match 1 = 'x'
total overs of spin ordered in match 2 = 'y'

overs ordered to him in match 1='a'
overs ordered to him in match 2='b'

his training for match 1= (12/x) * a = C
his training for match 2= (12/y) * b = D

his total training for that week is C+D
108 months ago
For din salahudin

in match 1= (12/11.5)*1=1.014
in match 2= (12/10.2)*3=3.4

so for him it is 4 over which the quota for training but it is not showing that.......

*From game manual
A bowler can receive a maximum of 4 overs worth of training every week.

So what is wrong with the training meter??
108 months ago
You seem to be forgetting the "12 overs per match" restriction .. Recalculate according to it !
108 months ago
Yeah...instead of 12 put the total no. of spin overs bowled...which is definitely more than 12.

Edit : Not instead of 12, but instead of the denominator which you put as 11.5 and 10.2 (put the actual no. of overs scheduled for spinners in the match)
108 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 6
@tushar - you need to read my and Asharbh's post carefully again :)
108 months ago

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