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records and wagon wheel and best manager award

by Deekshith (stylish DADAs of CR7) 98 months ago
           how about having a colomn for records like highest run chase, highest team total, most wickets in division, most wikets in hit cricket, most sixes, most fours, highest bidding in the league, best manager award and best player apart from wins and looses just like in fifa
and having a wagon wheel just like a pie chat


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Mula Swamy Gatti hyderabad # 1
Good Idea
98 months ago
Ya why not Hitwicket World records... And also the best level bowlers/batsman there have been, The best all rounders...
98 months ago
thank you for your support
admins what say

98 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 4
DeeksHith - wagon wheel of ???....

highest run chase, highest team total, most sixes, most fours etc..some how come up in the HITWICKET TIMES...

most wickets in division, rankings etc..comes up as a surprize on the player pages in the leaderboard section which changes after every match day according to the their performances...

@Aditya - that's something we have in mind....just not rolling out....have patience.. :) ;)
98 months ago
An useless feature but could be fun ... Why not let users query what they want !! 

Couple of "AND" or "OR" conditions in some criteria and dynamic query building. :-D
98 months ago

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