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Bowler training

by scotch (Malibu) 112 months ago
Need some tips on training ...  

Suppose I have 3 standard good bowlers who would always bowl 4 overs in all matches .. So that is 12 overs gone!
How much of training they are going to get ? 

The remaining 8 overs, I want to use for training new guys ... So I could introduce 2 bowlers bowling 4 overs each or some other combination of 3 bowlers sharing it .. How much of training are they going to get? 

I dont want to lose a match because I want to train new bowlers (as I did the last time :-/),

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Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 1
Santhu if you are training in main bowling - spin or seam - you get only 12 overs worth of training per match.
 One bowler can get max 4 overs worth of training. If you have 3 seamers bowling 12 overs then they get 4 over each of seam bowling training.
If you have 4 seamers bowling 16 overs then you still get training worth 12 overs but it is divided equally between 4 players.

The important part is that a player can get only 4 over worth of training per week.

So if you want to train just one new player - spread out his overs between the matches such that he receives 4 overs worth of training in the week and the damage to the score is not much (hopefully)
@Kashyap, @Rishav am I right?
112 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
perfect answer :)

managing a training programme while also staying competitive is not gonna be easy, try out strategies.
112 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 3
Like a Boss!!! :) 
112 months ago
Ok .. Just to confirm ..

I want to train in spin (example), then I would get 2 of standard spinners to bowl 4 overs each in both the matches for the week and would make 2 new guys share 8 overs among them in 2 matches (2 per each player per each game). That would do it right? I would get all my 4 bowlers trained for 4 overs each .. 

(8 overs are bowled by seamers in each match) 
112 months ago
Do you think you could add a feature which lets the user know how all and how much would they be trained as of that day ?

It could be easier to judge instead of manually calculating .. Code wise, you just got to do the same thing as you do every Saturday 9 Am ?? :-D
112 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 6
Santhu - yes..I think that would do it. 

112 months ago
And also thinking more, can you show us what would happen if we opt for a training ?? I mean if any of the levels of the players would increase or how many more training sessions are required to improve the skill of a player to the next level .. (I know you have said in the past that it is to be experimented with) but right now it looks inconsistent because even after one training we do not whats the outcome of it .. Players do not get better atleast visibly !! 

I know that its not inconsistent but it seems inconsistent as we do not what is actually happening under the hood .. Such a prospective index (number of training sessions required) would also help us assessing whom to keep and whom to sell at what price ..  
111 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 8
It would definitely make things easy, but it makes things easy for everyone and that takes away an aspect of the game where a few managers can stand out from the crowd...
Skill Index of all players who get trained increases every week. Also, you are informed every week who is getting trained and every skill bump a player makes is shown in his 'training' tab. It takes atleast a few weeks for a player to 'pop', with time you'l be able to estimate how long it takes exactly. Thats where being 'good at the game' kicks in.

By estimating how close a player is to 'popping' you'l able to make advantageous decisions while buying trainees too.
111 months ago
Hmm ... Ok !! Thanks Kashyap .. 

But can you comment on the feature "you could add a feature which lets the user know who all and how much would they be trained as of that day ?" That offers not advantageous decisions just makes the decision process clearer. 
111 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 10
Training happens only once a week on Saturday and its effectively dependent on the matches played that week, so there is no "daily" training as such. :) 

111 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 11
@mesanthu : we could show that 'bowler X has received 3 overs worth of training this week', 'Batsman Y has receive his full quota of training for the week', etc.
can't reveal more than that thou. sound good?
111 months ago
@Rishav : I know that training happens on saturday at 9Am .. The request I am making is to show me before-hand who would be trained when I ask for it .. That way I could play around with the line-up instead of manually calculating .. 

@Kashyap : Can that information be showed before the actual training .. The way I am envisioning it is this 
1). On any day of the week, I would go into the training tab and click a particular training module.
2). Based on the matches played in that week prior to that day(if none, then no training), I would like to see who all would get trained in that module and quantity. 

That way I could change my line-up and remove a few players who would get trained to full quota and experiment with the line-up .. 

Too much to ask? It would make the decision process a lot easier and make it more clear. 

And yeah, what you suggested would make the post-training description more clearer .. 
111 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 13
Hmmm have to admit never thought on those lines. Sounds like a good idea, we'l work on it once we are done with the stuff we are working on. It could also be a good way to familiarize users to the basics of training.

For a feature that will make the game better, there shall be no stone left unturned! hehe
Implementation is completely for us to worry about, so Suggest...Suggest...please Suggest!! 

One of the reasons we give a detailed explanation to the features we like and dont like, is so that you guys can understand the direction that we are looking at (& the constraints we face) regarding the game and come up with even more awesome ideas :) 

111 months ago
Thanks for keeping an open mind .. 
111 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 15
cool idea santhu. Will make training decisions more clear and fun.
111 months ago

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