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by Shashank (ShKa) 90 months ago
I had my eyes set on a particular player for the past 3 days... and i've been actively following up with his bidding. But it just so happens, I lost out on him because I was travelling and someone bid on in the last few mins- and I couldn't outdo his. 

Please start the sms notification soon or some other kind of alert. I really wanted this player and I lost out cos of no fault of mine. 

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GSRAJ20 Jodhpur # 1
VIT University
i agree,.
here,.,.sms notification or other kind of alert should be start,,.,
90 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 2
Yes! And btw apart from that please include a bold letter msg in the player auction window that "bidding will increase the bid time by 3 minutes, so don't act over smart" x-(

Some smart pant (or newbee) do the bidding at very last second and either we lose the track and lose the bid or we end up sitting for long time doing cross bid.. and it is really irritating. Also, every new player should be made  aware about this rule during the tutorial. So that we can see minimum occurrence of such incidence x-(
90 months ago
and please bring out that checkbox feature where we can see only the players we have interest in . Right now the auction page is going 8 page long . It's difficult to check on which page our player is !!
90 months ago

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