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For Newbies : Season by season approach

by Nikunj Bhalla (Insane Experts) 87 months ago

We have noticed that in the beginning of the Hitwicket life many managers face a large number of defeats (which is quite natural), which leads to many of them dropping out of the game (noticed with a few friends). But, here is a probable seasonal approach with which if a newbie sticks, he would be rather better.


Season 1: Learn from loses  

- You’ll be defeated a lot, some may be lucky enough if their star players fire regularly. But then, you know your team is weak.

- Recruit a few good scouts and meanwhile try to upgrade all your training facilities, training is the thing which starts with upgrading them.

- Ideally, by good management, you must be able to upgrade all facilities at the end of your first season (or about 6-8 home matches)

- Go to forum for doubts, search your problems and understand the game and your team.

- You may not have good trainees, so better it is to meanwhile give about 4 fitness and then fielding training, and make them good keepers and fielders, will be good if some of them stay long in your team.(by Varun pathi (SUNRH))


Season 2: Spend a lot, train a lot

- Early on, figure out what is the need of your team, guys with what aspect are younger. Say, you have 3 good 18-19 year old Batsman and bowlers are bit old, then train batting after spending some money in buying 3 more young trainees.

If you have young fast bowlers, do it with them, or with spinners, depends on your team.

- Once you have your trainees, TRAIN THEM.

- Again, you may lose some matches because of training, that’s fine.


Season 3: Save a lot, train a lot

- You have your trainees, go on training them more.

- Recruit good scouts, if needed keep them, if not sell them and earn money.

- Save your incomes, by the end of season your trainees must be quite good after two seasons of training

- Surely you would start winning most matches


Season 4: The Big Deal

- Buy good-young-costly-players of aspect you haven’t trained till now with all the saved money.

- You can either continue your training with same trainees you had earlier in that aspect, or start training these newly bought players. All the aspects must be strong by now.

- Make good calls, and win them all.


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well all newbie should go thru this post and even some 2-3 season old should also consider this thing as they will also get help from it.
87 months ago
Varun pathi (SUNRH) & Priyansh Modi (The Special One)...working on 3rd one, luckily in my 3rd season
Rohit Chugh (Screw Ballzz) are welcome :)
87 months ago

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