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Anuj Sud (delhi bravehearts)...haha...i know....even i am doing same, recruiting good scouts, if not mine than others', meanwhile selling a few too!! ;)
87 months ago

For Newbies : Season by season approach

by Nikunj Bhalla (Insane Experts) 87 months ago

We have noticed that in the beginning of the Hitwicket life many managers face a large number of defeats (which is quite natural), which leads to many of them dropping out of the game (noticed with a few friends). But, here is a probable seasonal approach with which if a newbie sticks, he would be rather better.


Season 1: Learn from loses  

- You’ll be defeated a lot, some may be lucky enough if their star players fire regularly. But then, you know your team is weak.

- Recruit a few good scouts and meanwhile try to upgrade all your training facilities, training is the thing which starts with upgrading them.

- Ideally, by good management, you must be able to upgrade all facilities at the end of your first season (or about 6-8 home matches)

- Go to forum for doubts, search your problems and understand the game and your team.

- You may not have good trainees, so better it is to meanwhile give about 4 fitness and then fielding training, and make them good keepers and fielders, will be good if some of them stay long in your team.(by Varun pathi (SUNRH))


Season 2: Spend a lot, train a lot

- Early on, figure out what is the need of your team, guys with what aspect are younger. Say, you have 3 good 18-19 year old Batsman and bowlers are bit old, then train batting after spending some money in buying 3 more young trainees.

If you have young fast bowlers, do it with them, or with spinners, depends on your team.

- Once you have your trainees, TRAIN THEM.

- Again, you may lose some matches because of training, that’s fine.


Season 3: Save a lot, train a lot

- You have your trainees, go on training them more.

- Recruit good scouts, if needed keep them, if not sell them and earn money.

- Save your incomes, by the end of season your trainees must be quite good after two seasons of training

- Surely you would start winning most matches


Season 4: The Big Deal

- Buy good-young-costly-players of aspect you haven’t trained till now with all the saved money.

- You can either continue your training with same trainees you had earlier in that aspect, or start training these newly bought players. All the aspects must be strong by now.

- Make good calls, and win them all.


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worth a newbie and faq tag i would say ...and Nikunj Bhalla (MadEx) bhai is bhar purra padh ke hi like kiya :-p waise bhi awesome post for all the newbies deserves to be made sticky
87 months ago
Varun pathi (SUNRH)...haha, I have no issues even if you like without reading, I just dont get points from you. was supposed to be on my Academy Board when I would have had one :P
87 months ago
well all newbie should go thru this post and even some 2-3 season old should also consider this thing as they will also get help from it.
87 months ago
i am kind of stuck between 2 and 3 right now  all coz of the good scouts i got initially...will train harder 
87 months ago
Daniel Bryan Delhi # 5
Nikunj Bhalla (MadEx) - thanks bro for the advice........... :)
87 months ago
Nikunj Bhalla (MadEx) Was thinking along the same lines some days back..though i will still go on to assemble something for newbies under a single post...:)
And as always fantastic work..!!!
87 months ago
Nikunj Bhalla (MadEx)- Brilliant Post Bro!! :) Will hopefully convince the new users about having a lil Patience! :)
Even I am in between Stage 2 and 3 (While Joined early, started mainly last season)!!

87 months ago
Varun pathi (SUNRH) & Priyansh Modi (The Special One)...working on 3rd one, luckily in my 3rd season
Rohit Chugh (Screw Ballzz) are welcome :)
87 months ago
also i would suggest two things to train in season 1 if they havent got the set number of trainees they should go for fitness training for first four weeks so that their players will be in superb form for a while by then they will also hopefully have some good players and incase a young wicketkeeper they can train hard in keeping so they will have good fielders and keepers by season end only if they dont get the above average scouts 
87 months ago
Varun pathi (SUNRH)...nice point, I guess I should put it up in the post!!
87 months ago
yep append it to point one else ppl will say what abt training
87 months ago
gone through all the stages in hitwicket from my time and now also facing difficulties in getting players train to survive
87 months ago
Ankit Sharma (The Godfather)...gone through all in just four months...must be your third season, that's impressive!!
87 months ago
Anuj Sud Delhi # 14
Nikunj Bhalla (MadEx)- even i m in season 3 and especially folllowing point 2(- Recruit good scouts, if needed keep them, if not sell them and earn money)

87 months ago
good suggestions
87 months ago
Anuj Sud (delhi bravehearts)...haha...i know....even i am doing same, recruiting good scouts, if not mine than others', meanwhile selling a few too!! ;)
87 months ago

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