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by cherian 112 months ago
The last two games i had full attendance and i've just increased stadium capacity majorly. This game attendance has reduced to 50%!  Is this expected?

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It might be because you lost a recent game .. It affects the crowds love :-D .. But the developers would answer the right one!
112 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 2

You were playing against Human teams as strong as yours, their "Fan Clubs" are probably as big as yours, todays game was against a BOT team. Stadium investments generally pay off tho. Plus a loss does effect "Fan Love" :). 

112 months ago
cherian Hyderabad # 3
Ah the bot teams/ human teams thing makes sense. still sounds like quite an unusual reduction? 
112 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 4
Since it's the start of the season, your each loss makes a huge dent on your winning %. Fans need to see some sustained success each season before they commit to showing up regularly. After winning for a lot of matches this season, if you lose one, the attendance will not drop this drastically.

Attendance depends a lot on the away team's fan club size too and BOTS have very small fan clubs (usually just the friends and family of the players). So, having more human teams in your league increases competition but improves revenue.
112 months ago

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