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Chasing a target

by Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) 100 months ago
How does the match engine work during a run chase? 

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
Batsmen will get more aggressive (more probability of scoring boundaries and increased chance of getting out) as required run rate raises. More the RRR the more aggressive a batsman gets.

If RRR falls less than run a ball, then batsmen will go into cruise mode (reduced wicket loss & boundary chance, but much better chance of taking 1s or 2s )
100 months ago
dipen Pune # 2
Is there special handling in last 2-3 overs? lets say I need to chase 36 in last 3 hrs with 8 wickets in hand, i.e. 12 runs an over. Does engine take in account the remaining wickets? I recently lost a match by 4 runs in which I had to chase 36 runs in last 3 overs with 8 wickets remaining. 

Here is the commentary for the last 3 overs, I feel wickets remaining should have an effect on batsmen becoming aggressive, but I dont think thats happening.

18th over to be bowled by a Right-arm medium bowler, Tanuj Sharma


T. Sharma to H. Akram, 1 run, a low full toss just outside off, Akram was backing away, and the hulking Akram couldn't play that low delivery with a horizontal bat. Good thinking by Sharma to outsmart the batsman.


T. Sharma to U. Salahuddin, 1 run, slower delivery outside off, Salahuddin's eyes were lit up as soon as he saw that ball, throws his bat at it and mistimes it severely. Malayaman at cover comes up with a misfield and they take a single. Sharma want his fielders to back him up and this is certainly not backing up.

Thats a 100 for Umar Salahuddin!


T. Sharma to H. Akram, 1 run, a yorker length ball outside off, jabbed towards the off side and quick single is pinched.


T. Sharma to U. Salahuddin, 1 run, swings, misses, inside-edged to short fine leg and they run a quick single.


T. Sharma to H. Akram, no run, fuller, outside off delivery. Akram's eyes were lit up as he saw that one coming and goes for the big heave but mistimes badly and ball goes just wide of the midwicket fielder who rushes in to stop the sneaky single. Good work lad!


T. Sharma to H. Akram, FOUR, it was short, Akram threw the bat at it and top-edged a high, looping four to long leg.

End of the over 18, 8 runs off it. Score : 163/2, 28 run(s) needed of 12 balls.

19th over to be bowled by a Leg break bowler, Praveen Kohli


P. Kohli to U. Salahuddin, 1 run, full and swept away powerfully but there is a fielder at square leg just for this, keeps it down to only a single. Batsmen run the first one hard, but can't steal another.


P. Kohli to H. Akram, FOUR, he slogs from off stump into the yawning gap at long on, races to the fence. That was as close to a tennis shot as you'l ever see on a cricket field!


P. Kohli to H. Akram, no run, shorter length, width again and Akram slaps a cut shot at point, where Sharma sprawls to cut it out.


P. Kohli to H. Akram, 1 run, stays on the back foot and plays a whiplash shot that goes just past the non-striker's stumps. Doesn't time it well, mid-off collects it.


P. Kohli to U. Salahuddin, SIX, "Rubbish bowling" is all we can say. Short and wide, Salahuddin is not going to let you get away with this. Thats landed waaay beyond the boundary rope. Thats equal to two Hitwicket half-maximums!


P. Kohli to U. Salahuddin, FOUR, short ball and Salahuddin nearly decapitated Kohli with a swat back down the ground, it raced past Kohli like a thunderbolt! brutal power!

End of the over 19, 16 runs off it. Score : 179/2, 12 run(s) needed of 6 balls.

20th over to be bowled by a Right-arm medium bowler, Tanuj Sharma


T. Sharma to H. Akram, no run, slower ball just outside off, swings hard but can't make the connection. It looked like he swung the bat with his eyes closed really!


T. Sharma to H. Akram, no run, Big backlift on the drive but no timing at all on that. straight to the Kohli.


T. Sharma to H. Akram, 2 runs,


T. Sharma to H. Akram, FOUR, what a shot from Akram! he shuffles across and squirts an offstump ball behind square leg for four. The Sharma was bowling a wide line to protect the vacant leg side boundary.


T. Sharma to H. Akram, no run, fullish delivery outside off and Akram tries to whack it through the covers, balls comes much faster than he expected it, his bat twists in his hand and ball trickles towards the Sharma who rushes in to stop the quick single.


T. Sharma to H. Akram, 1 run, full and straight, takes a think edge towards point, and they can only grab a single. Sharma is jubilant, no room give, just the delivery you want to bowl in such situations, he kept his nerve really well and led his team to victory.

End of the over 20, 7 runs off it. Score : 186/2
100 months ago
I guess in such situations the engine also accounts for the bowlers ability vs batsman ability...
Looking at this it seems T.Sharma the bowler is an experienced/star player ???
100 months ago
dipen Pune # 4
Not Really - T sharma has index of 736 -

Where as my players had index of 11,677 and 3349 respectively - amd
100 months ago
dipen Pune # 5
My point here is not that my star player could not hit a bowler with 736 index in last over, my point is engine doesn't take in account wickets remaining I feel, it takes RRR maybe but not wickets remaining. 

Also if you really wanna model it to real game, there should be weighted probability to give strike to more able/experienced player in last 2 overs whenever possible :P
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 6
the engine does increase aggression level with wickets in hand actually.
The problem was that Akram seems to have hogged the strike in the last few overs and he isn't too much better than the bowler.

Good point about the rotating the strike, but that should prolly apply for players who have decent exp only (conversely, bad exp players hog up strike looking for the big hit)...otherwise it's skewed towards the batting side.
100 months ago

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