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Wides and No Balls

by Ashfaq Dawood (ROADRUNNERS) 90 months ago
I don't know whether this has been posted earlier or not, but I don't see any wides or No balls or any extras for that matter ...

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
yep there are no extras in Hitwicket...every bowler is assumed to be well disciplined even if he's Horrible at bowling... ;)
we'l add scope for extras and run outs in the next version of the match engine.
90 months ago
also negligent number of run-outs whereas in t20 runouts are a common phenomenon
90 months ago
ok ... got it
90 months ago
yep, n what about hatricks in hitwicket

90 months ago
There are no run-outs in hitwicket .... 
hat-tricks are not controlled or restricted ... they can happen!
90 months ago
can hmmm any hatrick bowlers so far???

90 months ago
abhiju # 7
yup ... one of my bowlers took hat-trick in todays match .. in fact he took 4 wickets in the same over :)
90 months ago
abhiju # 8
though there was no acknowledgement in the commentary about the hat-trick... something you might wanna add to commentary ...administrators
90 months ago
@abhiju awsme
@admins add something for hatrick wickets, hatrick fours n sixes

90 months ago

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