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Remove the middle man!

by B_Ruck (The B Team S8) 100 months ago
Ye Agent kaun hai jo 5% fees le jaata hai?

Developers, ye paisa kaha jaa raha hai?!

Corruption hatao, party banao!

HAT (Hitwicket Against Tanashahi) or in hindi Topi :P

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us9898 (Us9898) Bangalore # 1
See Ashish,

I think that the there should be check like that,... though im  not a developer here.

the reason being that this money situation should not be considered as an open ended system where teams can have as much money as they like and no body cares. According to me it should be an ecosystem where the whole money (total amount) is a cosntant . i.e some multiple of teams taking part.  

So the system internally  should keep a check on total amount withdrawn from it. This way u really need to earn the mney  u know.
and spend it wisely. 

1)  system looses its total money incase there are matches being played (2 times a week).
2)  systen has the ability to earn that money back by agents in transaction..... and b through advertisement ( addon feature) that teams need to have in place so that fans join ur team. So fans joining per week becomes a function of advertisements too.

3) once the recruitment system is in place where a team needs to spend some money every week systen wins back more money.

4) as the system faces money crush it reduces the match attendance citing recession in progress :)

5)  participation in a league should cost...

This whole idea of having a check on the flow.. though complicated to the user (he doesnto need to know it) ... the developer if they have this in place it puts value to the numbers on ur balance sheets ...

It is tooo wishful ?

100 months ago
Waah Gyaani Baba :D
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
@us9898: very well articulated :)

Thats the kind of math we did before we deiced on the  'player salaries - ticket pice - match attendance - sponsor income'  balancing act.

The equation is tilted towards generating a good positive balance for teams (atleast initially) so that they can invest in training facilites and stadium upgrades. The crucial number here is that all the cash left with a team after all the above will have a direct impact on the transfer fees. 
The game economy will be regulated based on comparing the sale price of similar players across a certain period. Right now, the fact that there were too few reasonably old teams in the eco system, skews these comparisons. It will take another month or so before we can estimate if the market is in a state of inflation or deflation.

agent fee is also meant to discourage users from buying a player and selling him immediately in hope of a profit. 
100 months ago

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