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by Archit Jain 100 months ago
Hi , 
I dont know if someone has already post this.
How about having semifinals in the leagues and then the finals. There will be more fighting spirit during the league matches

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Can you be more clear? Between whom ? 
100 months ago
Archit Jain Bangalore # 2
between the top 4 teams of the each league
100 months ago
Archit Jain Bangalore # 3
simply the way it happened in clt20

100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 4
I guess you are referring to a system similar to IPL this year. I think it wud be a bit unfair to a team that plays really well whole season and wins the league, I think the deserve to get promoted for their consistency. 

for the semifinal/final drama scenarios, we have in mind 'Cup' matches, which will be a knockout tournament.
100 months ago
how about PLAYOFFS
100 months ago
Archit Jain Bangalore # 6
True Kashyap... but i believe that having semifinals or may be playoffs... even the team no 3 and 4 will remain in league inspite of losing hope betwwen the league finding that top team is far ahead of them ,and its impossible to catch them up  now.... and yeah if have that knockout cup also...then its ok we can have separate kind of tournaments

100 months ago
i agree with ua mate @ archit jain
100 months ago

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