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some error in player auction

by kanpuriya 100 months ago

i bought this player last night in 726,000 .....nd last it was showing that he will join my team after completion of his current match......nd it was weird to me bcz i didnt undrstnd which completion it was talking abt...bcz all matches were already still i thought thr mgt be some i thought i vll check it tomorrow again............nd nw whn i checked....i found smthng vry strange......this player is automaticaly on sale for only 25000rs.......nd i dont evn have a clue abt this......i didnt put him on sale....nd y wud i do such thing whn i bought him last ngt in 726000rs ........

i vl be vry thankful if u pls correct the mistake....nd give my player back to me...

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saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 1
We are looking into the problem and will let you know what exactly happened
100 months ago
kanpuriya # 2
ok waitng
100 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 3
There was a problem with the transfer closing because of the server switch last night. The player will be moved to your team soon.
100 months ago
kanpuriya # 4
ok i m expecting him bfr my nxt match.... :( hope u guys solve this fast

100 months ago
kanpuriya # 5
:) got him thanx
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 6
The issue arose because his transfer ended right in the middle of the server issues we encountered yesterday (the separate bug of Archit's match not ending correctly added to the problem). The player has packed his bags & moved finally and you are poorer by Rs 726k.
Good luck with the player! 
I think Archit will not mind us removing him from the transfer list either ;)

Needless to say, this was an issue due to a very edge case scenario and we are taking measures to avoid them in the future.
100 months ago

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