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Team Salary Breakdown

by Omkar 100 months ago

Guys - is it possible to create a "bar chart for all the players" of the team instead of "pie chart for 3 players and others"?

I think it would be more helpful to analyse the salary, experience and form for each player. 


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Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 1
Thanks for the suggestion Om. 

Currently we show you the top 3 breakdown because we want show you how much are you spending on your top ten players. Plus the list on the right has your top 10 salaried players.

Higher salary means Higher skill levels and age factors in as well in the salary. 
100 months ago
Can you guys show total salary that my team is taking right now . So that we can have better idea how much salary i have to pay by week ending.
100 months ago
Sir Rajat Singhal (Young Rajputana) Hyderabad # 3
@Harsh Gupta: Good suggestion..Just added it..

Thnks..Keep posting good ideas..
100 months ago

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