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Match engine .. Slog

by scotch (Malibu) 112 months ago

This is something thats unexpected, in the ongoing match Gujrat X1 vs Malibu, from over 13th the runrate nearly stayed put with no slogging at all. 
I have lost only 2 wickets overall, and the batsman playing are very capable. (B Hussain and V Jain). And the opposite team is not extremely strong(its a BOT team). Is the slog in the last overs still present ? 

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Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 1
And how does match engine handle bowlers when the bowling team is not able to get a wicket for several overs? 
112 months ago
Amar : I do not think there is a special handle for that. Simplistically speaking (taking nothing away from this game), I think its just a random sampling from a joint probability distribution of batting strength and bowlers ability. (And may be a few more factors). :-D (Statistics mein kuch tho padha)
112 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 3
:) mere ko jyada samajh main nahin aaya re... easy words main samjha....better hoga ek short video bana ke bata :P
112 months ago
Theek hein .. Think of probablities, you can assume that batsman and bowler are independent .. So the probability that a batsman hits a shot (based on his ability) is pbat and probability that bowler generates a wicket taking delivery is pball .. Now what happens in this ball is simply pbat X pball .. Now this could be mapped back to some result using some distribution .. This is all in simplistic terms !! They might be doing something different all-together .. 
112 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
There is no change in the way slog overs work, it works the same way as last season. Once the match finishes we'l analyze if there is something wrong or if it's just a one off thing. Also, BOT teams have improved from last season so they will put up a better fight.

@Teuton: The bowling side does not adapt to the match situation. I think we can safely assume that in a T20 the bowling side is almost always trying to contain runs and grab a wicket here and there, not much changes across 20 overs irrespective of the state of the innings. The batting side ofc can change their tactics based on wickets in hand and required run rate.
112 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 6
Thanks to both of you for explanations - Santhu and Kashyap
112 months ago
Thanks Kashyap .. 
112 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 8
@mesanthu (malibu)  you are almost correct with your deductions, the probability of an event is based on the difference between the abilities of the batsman and the bowler. 

So you can expect similar results (over a statistically large set) when a #1) 'Mediocre' batsman faces a 'Useless' bowler or #2) A 'Brilliant' batsman faces an 'Accomplished' bowler since in both cases the skill level difference is the same.

ofc issues like fitness/form/exp/match situation play a big part too, but they are all built on top of this core 'difference' concept. hope all this makes sense to everyone.
112 months ago
Thanks Kashyap .. It makes more sense now !

Please do find time to check on that match .. And do BOT's always have powerplay from overs 1 to 5 ?? :-P
112 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 10

Yep I'l check the match. 

The BOTS maybe stronger, but they remain predictable....PP always from 1 to 5. They make good test bunnies to test your PP strategies ;)

112 months ago

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