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The Manager Academy

by Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 70 months ago
One of the problems that we know exists in the game is the initial steep learning curve. We have been working out ways to tackle this problem. We think that one of the best ways of overcoming the initial hurdle is by getting some guidance from an old manager for the first few weeks. 

We present to you, 'The Manager Academies'!
- Fancy training new users in the workings of Hitwicket? 
- Did the top managers of the game cut their teeth at your Academy? 
- What is the most Elite of all Hitwicket Academies? 
- Be the one to start the Harvard of Hitwicket?
- Are you the graduate of 'The Mighty Ants' school of Hitwicket management? :D

  1. All Remarkable managers in Divisions 1 to 4 are eligible to start an academy for Rs 1M.
  2. New managers, who complete the in-game tutorial, are automatically enrolled into an Academy.
  3. You will be able to see the player skills and activities of those that are enrolled in your Academy.
  4. As the Academy owner, you will gain MRP based on the success of those who are enrolled.
  5. 10 pts for each match win and 50% of the Training pop points that the new managers receive.
  6. Managers graduate from your Academy 30 days after enrolling.
  7. The Academy has a wall for it's best performing graduates.
  8. The Academy consists of a discussion board (similar to LT) that is common to you and all those enrolled into your Academy.
  9. A Trainee manager can choose to leave an Academy if he is not satisfied. He will be assigned to a new academy. Another manager may take over his place in old Academy.
  10. An Academy can 'boot' out a manager if they are inactive. The vacancy can be filled by a new manager.
  11. You can 'pause' your Academy when ever you are busy in real life and managers will stop being enrolled. That way you will not be penalized for 'inactivity'.

How are trainees managers assigned to my Academy?
  1. Enrollment is based on the number of trainees already in the Academy, lowest strength is filled first.
  2. Gradually, Academies will be rated based on the feedback submitted by those that 'graduate' and  the best rated 'Academies' are assigned trainees faster our 'Enrolling Algorithm'.
  3. Academies with a very poor record (or headed by inactive managers) may not get assigned any user at all!

How to start my Academy?
If you are a 'Remarkable' manager and if your team is in Div I, II, III or IV, click on 'Hitwicket World', you will see the 'Manager Academy' link.

Note: Trainees Managers will be assigned to Academies once we have a decent number of Academies in the system. Could take 2-3 days.

We strongly believe that the Academy concept will have a significant and far reaching impact on Hitwicket both in terms of Gameplay and User Retention. We plan to dedicate more time to improve it in the coming weeks.

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Updated at: 21-06-2013

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faisal_1991 Hyderabad # 383
guyz how to play matches?
70 months ago

i 2 got 3 teams ..
in that 1 student is alter in my words & thoughts..

he is really doing well & following my words..
70 months ago
DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) Nagercoil # 385
well my students are busy now playing their practice match
70 months ago
Div IV
Praneeth (GUNNERS XI) Dublin # 386
Got 3 teams and not one of em responds...:(
70 months ago
i got 10,
10 points for 2 matches played by my students..

now 1 more student playing .. im watching his match very interestingly  ;) ;P
70 months ago
DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) Nagercoil # 388
hope he too wins
70 months ago
DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) Nagercoil # 389
Sir Praneeth (GUNNERS XI) they may have some shy to respond:p
70 months ago
Div IV
Praneeth (GUNNERS XI) Dublin # 390
Dani Justin (chennai rockers) lol hope not..i spent 1 mill on em ..Must be of some use here...
70 months ago
its like MRPs for cash, lol :)

spend 1 million in transfer marker, u get 10 point and of course a player...
spend 1 million in academy - u get lot of points - every time they win and reach new skill level - expect lot of points here...

however, I do believe Devs has something close to their chest and would reveal it on time on academies to make it the most beautiful part of hitwicket...

70 months ago
Devs - is there any restriction on no. of managers per academy?
70 months ago
Kashyap: You should also include some points for students when their mentors wins the match like 5 or even 2 points will do work. It would boost their confidence and also there interest in the mentor's word and activity. Also as for newbie to gain MRP is now very difficult it would help them also in other way :-)
70 months ago

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