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Low match attendence!!

by scotch (Malibu) 100 months ago
I consistently had 7.5k audience and added more seats also but I find that match attendance has suddenly dropped now

1). Match is against a human
2). Recently I lost only one game, that too that friendly challenge.  

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pgarg005 # 21
Thanks for explaining Rishav.
100 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 22
@Adi, yes the training gets applied once on Saturday, its not accrued over the week. Whatever training regime has been at that particular moment , that is applied to the players that have played a match that week.

So,to be clear only one type of training can be applied per week 
100 months ago
OHH FUCK !!! are you serious ???

I have been doing it all wrong... I used to train players for batting spin before the 1st match and bowling seam before the 2nd match...

So only one type of training can be applied per week... That means 2 matches devoted to the type of training I have on Saturday right ???

You should update the Game Manual then... Cause it was not clear...
100 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 24

I completely agree with Santu.....the middle class gets hurt the most....!!!!!!

won matches just by playing youths.... trained them...increased there skills so that can have a playing 11 who can win matches....increased my stadium capacity so that can accommodate salaries....bought good guys to strengthen my team...but now when my team is almost complete..I see that I cant even think of expanding....coz the money that comes in is way too less than the money that goes out.... actually that has forced me to sell my player who I thought to be the next AKSHIT SWAMI in bowling..for guys who dont know SWAMI please check season 2 records for the best youth(@devs I dont know how youth recruiting system  has been framed but he is not the player who made headlines when I recruited him..that guy is someone else)....!!!!! and now when I was aiming higher....have to rethink about what to do please take care when it comes to finances.....

I had already said in the beginning.....getting players to win leagues is not important.....managing them is important....!!!!!! and this is where money comes into picture.....for me this game is not going to league 1 and winning it...for me it is how I manage the and and most importantly earn a good profit at the end of season.....!!!!!

100 months ago
@aditya : It was clearly written in the manual ... 
Weekly training is calculated for players on Saturday at 9 am. The selected 'training focus' at that instant is used in the calculations.

May be developers should put the same sentence in the training tab too .. Lessens the confusion. 

@satya : I am still not sure, how you are loosing money. See my league 111.15 post .. I think you should be 1M + after every week .. 
100 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 26

Not sure bout that dude...that was my calculation at the start of the season...but right now I see the other way round...

I guess you are forgetting "Youths develop faster...!!!!!" the more there skill indexes rise the more there salaries rise...and you tell me....would you prefer training an old guy or a youth....!!!!!

Now my question is how do you balance that out....???
100 months ago
Yes, youth develop faster. In my team, a very young player is the third most salary drawing player but I also know that the oldies in your team(who draw the most salary) would be fired or sold in 2 seasons or less. Their salaries alone can feed 3-4 good youth players and the cycle goes on. You are panicking for no reason. 
100 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 28
@Aditya, like  mesanthu said it says in the manual . We ll try and make it more clear in the manual and put on the training pages as well 
100 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 29

I am not panicking darling.....I am just thinking whats going to happen if I retain all my youth..!!!! the oldies were bought to support the youth..that was the part of my startergy...warna soch...why the hell would have spend so much when I just missed winning the league by what 1 point and that too when almost everyone in the league had stars players with a SI of more than 10K and I had players who had no experience at all...barring Wazir and Miandad(who is history now)....!!!!
100 months ago
IMO, nothing drastic .. Youth gets trained faster true .. But A. Swami, S. Salahuddin and D. Palla are already very highly skilled .. To get any better it would take more time !! 

I should say, developers of this game should have spent 1000s of RS on drink and smokes to come up with a well thought game .. Very comprehensive !! Kudos Rishav and Kashyap (I know there are a few more but I dont know their names :-()
100 months ago
This also brings out a hidden message : All-rounders would eventually turn out to be expensive ... The best stratergy would be have some specialist batsman, some specialist bowlers and a few jack of all trades .. If you start to train your young specialist batsman in bowling, they would get trained and turn into good bowlers too but they would hurt the salary very badly .. 
100 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 32

Yeah..I am getting hold of it now..!!!!!

Well I was always thinking bout building an awesome team....but now I get it....

refer to my league post..!!!!! Well I am very very frustrated right now...!!!!! after such a long time I lost money in the real world....!!!! and then when i get back to virtual world to comfort myself I see this.... :-(

well thought game....but @all the devs...whatever you decide and apply to the game...the users must be taken care of first....inform the users and then go ahead(first rule of a product)....not the other way round....its your baby.....but the baby is being played around by a lot of guys.....!!!!

take care of that...!!!!

100 months ago
100 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 34

Santu....ab mujhe yeh sab samajh mein hain aata....tu index....inflation yeh sab bolega to samjh sakta hun....but short forms...ille....

Now tell me what pedo!!!! means...
100 months ago
@mesanthu/rishav My bad ! It does say that... Still it could be somewhat clearer... Maybe just this line "Only one type of training can be applied per week" could make the picture clearer. And a reminder in Training Tab could do the trick...
100 months ago
I was commenting about this statement : 
"its your baby.....but the baby is being played around by a lot of guys.....!!!!" 

Pedo in short stands for pedophile .. :-P .. that statement was wrong in out of context .. 
100 months ago
Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 37
Based on my previous attendance... I increased my seats.  Today's game is only 80%..  is something wrong? Was expecting a houseful l..
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 38
Your previous match was last season. attendance was based on your last season's match results...
this season is a new need a 1-2 more wins before you see crowds of the same size
100 months ago
Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 39
Interesting funda...
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 40
the dynamics of the league you are in changes every season (promotion, demotion, league switch), reseting the fan mood makes it more realistic and limits the advantage of team in a weak (or even all-BOT) league..
100 months ago
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