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bug report

by Anas Kahoot (Sargodha Lions) 4 months ago
what the hell is happening, cant watch live matches , 2ndly 3rd time in a row my victory box is expired bcz match shows its live and 2 ,3 hours before new match starts its says expired

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There doesn't seem to be a day when there are no problems with this game. Live commentary has only appeared a couple of times but not for league matches. It took the Developers 4 matches to upload league tables and in my division /league yesterday's matches have not been updated.

Apart from the above, matches are very rarely played on time and Alliance matches just disappear yet new series invitations are issued. Indeed, what the hell is going on?
Keep at it - we shall overcome!
4 months ago
Div V
Anas Kahoot (Sargodha Lions) Bhalwal,Pakistan # 2
yes bro me too very disappointed with this game , its been 5 years with it but now m considering to leave
4 months ago
Div V
Anas Kahoot (Sargodha Lions) Bhalwal,Pakistan # 3
couldn't open the engine si sce yesterday, nw its ooen aftr match hahaha LOL
4 months ago

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